Sega create urine-based technology fun

toyletAvid Bitterwallet reader CheShA pointed us in the direction of this fine contraption... with his piss.

Have you ever seen those little football nets in urinals? Well, Sega has come up with something that knocks that tat into a cocked hat. If you've ever aimed your stream of urine at whittled down urinal cakes, then you'll like Sega's Toylet.

You control the device with the power of your manly piss, aiming at sensors mounted in the bowl to control one of four games.

There's a monitor at eye-level and games include graffiti erasure, controlling a gust of wind which shoots up ladies' skirts (hmm) and one that involves pushing a sumo wrestler out of the ring with the strength of your pissy stream. Destructoid report that your opponent's power level is determined by the pressure of the last person to use the urinal.

Best. Invention. Ever.


  • Mick T.
    Surely something that takes your eye off the bowl is going to lead to more pants splatter, not less!
  • Top T.
    TOP TIP: Enjoy a toilet-based game of Ghostbusters in spit-and-sawdust boozers still emplyong the old channel style urinals - requires no more than a cigarette butt and some imagination. Simply pretend your penis is a proton pack and piss the fag-end 'ghost' into the drain 'trap'. You can play with a friend for increased Ghostbusting power, but DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!
  • Alexis
    Japs have a weirdly suppressed attitude to sex which seems to burst out into society as general nuttiness. Pissing to lift girls' skirts eh? Perfectly healthy I'm sure.
  • Nobby
    Some of us like pissing up the walls, or into the toilet brush holder.
  • DrTrouserPlank
    I guess chase the cigarette butt up and down the urinal just doesn't cut it anymore?
  • Boris
    I've just had a go at building my own system using my iPad sealed inside a zip-lock plastic bag. Not bad for a first attempt actually; those Angry Birds seemed extra angry. I'm having the lads around for a "piss-up" later; beats the Wii any day. (Sorry about the Wii reference; shocked it wasn't done in the article.)
  • Royal A.
    Nintendo will piss all over this
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