SeeSaw launches second generation TV service to customers

see sawA while back, people in tellyland breathlessly muttered about Project Kangaroo. Then they realised the name was shit and then it hit all kinds of legal problems and couldn't get its sorry arse off the ground. Then, it re-emerged as SeeSaw and now, it has launched a paid-for service with 1,000 hours of programming from 99p per episode up to £17.99 for a series.

SeeSaw has done deals with Comedy Central and MTV so it isn't all bog-standard streaming from terrestrial channels.

Customers will effectively be able to rent individual episodes or full series of their favourite TV shows, as well as continue to access over 3,000 hours of free TV. There'll be loads of classic BBC shows on, but I really can't be bothered telling you what they are, by virtue of the fact that you can probably guess.

SeeSaw will be doing further deals with studios, taking the amount of programming on offer to over 5,000 hours of brain-melting television.

Pierre-Jean Sebert, CEO SeeSaw commented: “Today’s announcement marks the next phase in the evolution of the UK’s most exciting online TV service. Since launch, SeeSaw has connected with one million TV lovers across the UK with a mixture of great content, a high quality viewing experience and simplicity of use. Going forward, we are confident that our blend of free and premium programming will enhance the appeal of SeeSaw to both viewers and advertisers.”

This news comes on the back of the Office of Fair Trading stating that they will not investigate Project Canvas over competition issues. As none of the partners was contributing a "pre-existing business" to Project Canvas, the OFT ruled that it "did not have the jurisdiction" to investigate the venture on competition grounds.

Sky and Virgin will be punching themselves into comas as we speak.

The service is available at


  • CheShA
    I wonder how much it will cost to see the bit where Del Boy falls through the bar.
  • Klingelton
  • Dave
    So let me get this right - I can either download more stuff for free using Rapidshare - or I can pay SeeSaw for access to less. Mmmmmm let me think about that for a while.
  • Jizzlingtons
    It costs £17.99 for a series? You can buy the DVDs for a lot less than that,
  • Jamie
    Just download it for free, wanker$
  • raptorcigs b.
    they can fuck off at that price
  • Brian's U.
    tvcatchup is quite good
  • The B.
    And of course streaming hi-def (although nowhere does it say hi-def) will kill most broadband connections on poor contention ratios so the service will be dead in the water within 6 months, I'll stick with getting my tv from megaupload thanks.
  • Tom P.
    It might help if you explained, in this article, what "Project Canvas" is. "Project Canvas is a proposed partnership between the BBC, ITV, C4, Five, BT and Talk Talk to build an open internet-connected TV platform"
  • jamie
    useless service just went on there to see what it's like and you have to pay £1.19 for an episode of top gear which i pay my tv license to watch... how is that fair?
  • jamie
    oh and the connection is shit one five shows... for example i'm trying to watch the gadget show on a 50mb connection and it loaded 20seconds in the last 5 minutes
  • Jamie
    50 mb connection, wicked! loaded 20 secs in last 5 mins, what a fcuking liberttttttttttttttttty!!!!
  • dunfyboy
    £17.99 to watch something once, £15.99 to watch the box set as many times as you want then sell it to get some of your money back or nick it off the internet for free. The choice is yours. Of course, you could do it the old fashioned way and just watch it on your TV in the first place.
  • rob
    crash and burn within the year.....
  • Now B.
    [...] launch follows the recent announcement of increased output from See Saw in the UK and is another major ker-pow in the face of Apple, a company that may be completely dead by the end [...]

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