Security issues with Windows 10?

2 July 2015

Windows You'll know that you can get Windows 10 for free, but there's some mutterings of discontent about the OS already, regarding the security of your WiFi password.

With a thing called WiFi Sense, anyone who rocks up to your house and gets the password for your WiFi, could let all their friends onto your network. Now, of course, someone could just tell everyone your WiFi password anyway, but this is slightly different.

This feature is designed to make it much easier for people to get access to the internet while they're on the go, which it does by automatically logging them into wireless hotspots. It logs people into select open networks, and it also allows them to share secured connections with their pals.

So, should someone with a Windows 10 device log on to a new network, they can tick a box which will share that access with all their contacts - that includes  Facebook friends, contacts they've got on Outlook and the people they know on Skype.

Craig Mathias, from the Farpoint Group who happen to be specialists when it comes to wireless tech, said that this feature was "a cheap hack," and continued by saying that "no-one should ever leave WiFi access wide open."

The idea behind WiFi Sense is so you can let your guests use your WiFi connection without having to give them the password. In a FAQ, it says that any user who shares network access, sends the password through an encrypted connection to a Microsoft server, where it is then stored (where it is encrypted) before being doled out securely to friends, which are found via location data from their device.

The worry is, is that Microsoft might have a feature that doesn't work as well as they predict, which means hackers could find one of your friends on Facebook, and then get busy accessing your network via WiFi Sense.

Mercifully, you can opt out of this. To make your WiFi network unavailable to Wi-Fi Sense, you can rename your network to include "_optout" at the end of the SSID. Or, if you prefer, you can make sure the aforementioned checkbox turned off, and you can carry on giving your guests your WiFi password manually.


  • Eric
    For Christ's sake people, just turn off wifi sense if you don't want it. It's really a great service, and I'm glad it will be in windows 10 because I won't have to ask for my friends WiFi passwords every time I get a new pc or phone.
  • Jeremy B.
    Surely no-one would be foolish enough to just let M$ store their wi-fi password? Google tried and was told to stop it...
  • Billy F.
    This has been up for a number of hours now and no one has called Windows "Windoze". The standard is slipping here.

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