Secret code which allows you to break into iPhone 4

We all like messing with our mates phones when they've gone to the bar or bog, updating their Twitter or Facebook status with something wholly inappropriate. And if they've got an iPhone 4, then it doesn't matter if they leave their phone locked because there's a flaw in the security which allows you to bypass their security code and lock screen.

As you can see in the video below, all you need to do is to tap the 'Emergency call' button, then enter three pound signs, hit the green call button and immediately press the lock button... and that's it. You're in.

There's been complaints from security experts that the handset has feeble security and this will no doubt worry handset owners. A similar security flaw was discovered an older version of the iPhone, which Apple acknowledged and issued a software update patching the issue. As yet, there's no word on what they're doing about this one.



  • Nobby
    Does he live in fucking backwards land or something?
  • andyofyarm
    What's a 'pound sign'?
  • Nobby
    As to what they are going to do about it, can't they supply a piece of string with a very tiny loop at each end. One loop could attach to the case required to cover their arses over crap reception when held by a human hand, and the other one fits comfortably over the user's penis. That way, the iphone is never out of the user's sight.
  • Daniel Z.
    @andyofyarm pound = hash
  • maxtweenie
    @Daniel Z - A pound sign is £. A hash is # Not very similar are they?
  • Aden
    Just tried it, it doesn't let you past that screen of contacts etc (the 'phone' app).
  • James
    Why would you leave your phone behind when you go to the "bar or bog"? We have these things called pockets where you can store things without having to hold them in your hands. Apart from that... we already know the iPhone is a joke when it comes to security, why is this news?
  • Stuart E.
    Just tried this round the office and can confirm it works on any iPhone (including old 3G) running iOS 4.0 or above!
  • Inspector G.
    Surely the point of the iphone is to play Angry Birds whilst shitting?
  • Darren
    @James. You can not expect IPhoney's to have common sense..... This is a big flaw, as if anyone gets hold of your IPhone they can make calls, send texts, view/send pictures all the functionality that is available from the phonebook.
  • akiss
    @James: I think you should see the dragons about that invention. Theo loves a good hole to put his gadget in.
  • Yoda
    @maxtweenie - in North America they call a hash a pound sign - it is used as a shortform for a pound (imperial measurement of weight)
  • dearieme
    story of the year!oh no wait........nobody cares
  • Richard
    Wow, I had to enable pin protection on my Iphone to find out this works.
  • The B.
    To surmise, in Merkin "#" = pound in weight, "£" = pound in currency, hence "#" != "£".
  • zleet
    @Inspector Gadget Surely that is the point of life. And don't call me Shirley.
  • GrabMyJoystick
    Hmm... didn't work for me. Is this right? On Enter Passcode screen: Emergency call > ### > Green call button?
  • Billy
    Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the emergency services are well pissed off with me. If I call them again in error, they are coming round to take away my non existent iphone. Anyone got an easier method of bypassing the 'lock' code, apart from resynching with itunes ?
  • Phil
    I just tried *** and that worked for me ;)
  • klingelton
    worked for me and shit myself when i thought i'd bricked my work iPhone...
  • bob
    it works with any numbers, it doesn't have to be pound/hash. You can't really do much once in tho - probably the best thing is to take/assign stupid photos to their contacts :D
  • Nobby
    If they do leave their iphone on the table when they go for a piss, it's funnier to dump it in their pint.
  • andyofyarm
    @danielZ -- a pound of hash??
  • Jamie
    Secret code my arse. That is called a bug...
  • maxtweenie
    @Yoda. That's because North Americans are even more fucking stupid than anyone on the Jeremy Kyle show ever was.
  • Dirty G.
    @maxtweenie you do realize than when you say North Americans that you include Mexicans and Canadians?? (Neither of whom use # for "pound") so kiss me arse jajaja
  • Dillesh
    how to break Iphone 4 S initial password, not the four digit pass code.. after I swith off, I am tryiung to login again, but its asking password to logon, how to break it.
  • sweetbabe
    Will I. Still ve my stuff on the fone or it wll be wiped off
  • sweetbabe
    If I. Do that will my itune and stuff still be intact
  • Marine 4.
    My Marine son was killed in a car accident...I'm trying to get into his lockd cell phone to find out his last text messages. I tried doing the above and it didn't work. Any other suggestions? I have his laptop too. Is there a cord I can connect to both n re-set without losing any information??? Thank you, Theresa
  • Android G.
    Right now it looks like Movable Type is the preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you're using on your blog?

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