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19 April 2012

calltrunkHave you heard about CallTrunk? Doesn't matter because it has probably heard all about you already. The service is available on smartphones, landlines and Skype, lets its users upload recorded calls to an online account and search the contents of their phone conversations.


Basically, CallTrunk is selling itself as a service that allows you to look through calls in a way that's "similar to the way people search their store of old emails." Fine. However, you won't be notified if you're being recorded.

Naturally, it is legal to record calls and store them, however, it is something of a faff. This new service makes it a whole load easier and could lead to privacy and security concerns thanks to the search function, which happens to be called ARGOsearch.

Its ARGOsearch that allows people to search their phone calls for certain spoken words, phone numbers and dates, which according to the company, will "transform the way people will view conversations".

Announcing ARGOsearch, Calltrunk's founder Paul Murphy said: "Until now anything even close to this has been the expensive domain of very big companies. ARGOsearch changes that completely. Enabling everyone to capture store and search their recorded calls means we can all hold on to knowledge and important moments that previously slipped through our fingers."

Recording all your phone conversations and storing them? That's not going to get hacked is it?

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  • Paul M.
    Mof, You’re right to be wary of hacking. After all, anything connected to a wire can be hacked.  We know that, and we take security very seriously.  Even if someone managed to break into our systems they wouldn't find much.  Each user's data are encrypted with a different key.   And we actually think that Calltrunk would be close to the hearts of the Bitterwallet audience. One of the reasons we set up Calltrunk was to level the playing field for consumers, so that they have a record of their discussions/promises/disputes with call centers. Without that record, the knowledge – and the power – is always at the other end of the line. We’re trying to change that. Thanks for taking notice. Paul Murphy Founder and CEO Calltrunk
  • Paul M.
    P.S: apologies - forgot to mention that user accounts are entirely secure and no one has ever had their password guessed or written it under their keyboard, so it is perfectly sensible to link an encryption key to a user ID. Also, there's no such thing as the Data Protection Act, so nothing prohibits us from promoting both parties on a call without their permission P.P.S: Sorry must dash now: to my second job running the official website for Norwich City F.C.! Paul Murphy Founder and CEO Calltrunk
  • NewsOfTheWorld
    We'd like to say that this is a very good idea and we give it a 9.5 out of 10. As Paul Murphy says, it's completely secure and there's absolutely no chance that one of the people transcribing would leak the contents of your calls for a bag full of cash. If you're a celebrity or a child who's likely to be murdered in the near future then we urge you to sign up.
  • Fantastic F.
    Murdered celebrities.............Only in The News Of The World!
  • Sicknote
    I use call recording all the time; the amount of times it's save my bacon are countless. Just for shits and giggles the next time some waste of space calls you tell them you're recording this call..... Funny as hell.
  • Paul M.
    P.S.S.S also forgot to mention, we will also run complex algorithms on all your stored conversations to gather statistical marketing data to sell to third parties for 'lot's of wonga' I expect multiple instances of, iPad iPhone Justin Bieber Paul Murphy Founder and CEO Calltrunk
  • lumoruk
    i think it's actually illegal to send phone conversations to a 3rd party in the UK. It is only legal to record the calls for your own personal use.
  • The c.
    Hi ...anyone want to buy pre-recorded conversations of celebs.....thanks call trunk
  • Raggedy
    Has anyone looked into the company history of Calltrunk? I suspect hidden links to that well known high street chain which sells everything from their catalogues. Mind you, they could have chosen a better name for their search function. ArgosEarch gives it right away.
  • visit l.
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