Scientists make mobile keyboard that is 34% faster

25 April 2013

Bitterwallet - Mobile World Congress Scientists have launched a new keyboard which makes typing on touchscreens 34% faster, which means people can be over a third more annoying while tweeting through big event television as they all rush to make the same joke.

St Andrews University experts have developed a system called KALQ, which they reckon enables people to type 37 words-per-minute on all touchscreen pads, an improvement on the current 20-a-minute average.

Dr Per Ola Kristensson said the keyboard could become the most popular way to type, adding: "We recruited a number of students from the university campus to try out our new keyboard where they could practise texting on a touchscreen device with the new layout."

"At first the QWERTY layout was still being used quicker because that's what the students were used to. But we found that after eight hours of practice ... the new layout code was being used quicker. Students spent between 13 and 19 hours getting used to the system."

"We wanted to minimise finger-travelling time, so we researched arrangements until we found this one. I helped develop the 'sliding' technology on touchscreens and I believe this will catch on just as well as that did."

Doomed to fail.

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  • Me
    Considering the QWERTY layout was developed in order to slow down typing (so type writers wouldnt jam as much) imnot surprised other layouts work quicker. Cant see it catching on tho since QWERTY is essentially everywhere in the UK and itd be a reall ball ache to re-learn or replace all the keyboards at work/home
  • jim
    from wiki pedia: Contrary to popular belief, the QWERTY layout was not designed to slow the typist down,[5] but rather to speed up typing by preventing jams word.
  • JJ
    Exactly. Typists were typing too fast on their typewriters causing jams which took time to unstick. The qwerty keyboard was introduced to slow the typing rate, causing less jams and thus speeding up the whole process.
  • JonB
    Neither of you are quite right. Letters that are often close to each other in English words are separated in the qwerty layout and so would cause fewer jams than, say, an abcdef layout on an old mechanical typewriter. That's also why other language keyboard layouts are different as they are customised to the words of that particular language.
  • Inspector G.
    Is it 1st April or something. If you spend 19 hours learning to use system that can make a 20 second task into a 14.8 second task then there is no saving - unless you're an author and use your iPad to type up your work. In which case you're a twat.
  • Grammar N.
    I agree with Inspector Gadget.
  • badger
    Typing? I thought computers were for downloading porn?
  • D.O.A
    Nothing better than picking the keyboard up and smashing it on the table the new one's no good for that. Qwerty for me!
  • oliverreed
    Dvorak? Quicker for you and fucks your colleagues off no-end!
  • Sally
    Minimise finger-travelling time? I have absolutely no problem with that at all. Though sometimes if I've had a few Bacardi Breezers it takes slightly longer to get there.
  • Big M.
    @Sally - are you chewbacca's (probably not dead) mum?

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