Save yourself nanoseconds using GMail with the GBoard

Because your time is as precious as chocolate-dipped doubloons and you simply have to account for every moment of it, you need a physical keyboard to use the shortcuts on your GMail account. Imagine the tenths of a second you'll save instead of reaching for the mouse.

All that functionality that takes forever - stuff like opening search, archiving and forwarding mails - now you can do it even quicker, fill up another USB port and clutter your desk space with even more pointless crapola:

Bitterwallet - the GBoard



  • Sing B.
    No doubt this shit will be even more useless as soon as google start playing cat and mouse by updating things and you'll have to wait for a driver update.
  • Pedegg
    "Dimensions (DxWxH) 12.3 X 8.8 X .9 mm" wow, thats small. technology these days!
  • james d.
    or you could........... learn the shortcut keys.
  • J
    yeah, just take the 30seconds to learn the shortcuts.
  • xyz
    This looks pretty useful but people who use gmail as business email or if you have hundreds of support emails to go through everyday. But yea pretty useless for casual users
  • dunfyboy
    Looks pretty underspec'd to me. If they'd put a few more keys on it they could have the entire alphabet on there. That would save you having to use your keyboard to type. They could also put a little screen at the top so you could see what your typing without having to look at your monitor.
  • Anon
    To be fair this is a great idea for people with disabilities the color coordinated keys will help people with sight issues and will make e-mailing a little easier for people who find it difficult to see the screen properly, to dismiss this as crap is shortsighted in my view.
  • Shooter M.
    @ Anon: What sort of sick fuck are you? Mock sympathy for the visually impaired, and then the cheap throwaway "shortsighted" comment. Eye cripples deserve more than your crocodile tears.
  • conveyancing
    Thanks for sharing this info. I was thinking of what I'd do with my old three-dimensional devices
  • beats p.
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