Satellite launch to help bring broadband to all

27 November 2010

Sing it loud and sing it proud – Notspots could soon be a thing of the past. You know - notspots, those areas that can’t get broadband. Little villages in the middle of nowhere and suchlike. Of course you knew – you were just teasing us with that idiot face weren’t you?

The first satellite that is dedicated to bring broadband to those pesky notspots has taken to the skies and once it has been properly aligned, it will deliver fast internet to as many as 350,000 subscribers, with speeds of up to 10Mbps threatened, way above the speed of 2Mbps that the government are committed to delivering by 2015.

At the moment some three million homes are unable to get those kinds of speeds and the launch of the this Hylas satellites (as it calls itself) will go some way towards closing the gap.

That ends this week’s story dedicated to those in remote rural areas, a regular series that was launched last week with our ‘Whose goose is that?’ feature.


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  • Boris t.
    Ye gads! It's in geostationary orbit - think of the latency!
  • fra
    that was MY I want it back!
  • Boris
    You can have it back once I've squeezed the fat from it. I love rubbing it on my roasties. No... Not potatoes.
  • Spud-U-Like
    That "joke" would have worked so much better if you had said "rubbing it on my spuds".
  • Michelle
    This human head bread was yummy
  • Boris
    @Spud-u-like: I can assure you that I have thermal underwear and they are most ccertainly roasties.
  • Mr G.
    How the fuck do you get broadband by satellite? What's the upload path? A goose with a URL tattooed on its arse? Ping time of a fortnight
  • The B.
    The upload path is a normal phone line, I've had to dial into satellite based PC's in the past and trust me it's bloody awful.

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