Samuel L. Jackson explains Google Wave to you

We're now in possession of two Google Wave invites and we've done sod all with them. The potential stress involved has caused palpitations, and everybody who has used it already isn't quite sure what the craic is anyway. So we'll leave it to The Man to explain how it works. AROOGA AROOGA - sweary words ahoy. NSFW. And all that jazz:



  • Ronnie
    that was awesome! pulp fiction, greatest film ever made.
  • seriousinternet
    give me one of your invites, go on, do it
  • JB
    I'll have an invite as well if you've got spare!
  • Aidan
    Please send an invite this way. Love, an adoring fan of feral trolleys!
  • Amanda H.
    Please do not send me an invite. Twitter is shit Facebook is shit myspace is shit Google wave will be shit iphones are also shit (unless they drop the price to £100) or give me one for free, then they are ok, but might smell of poo.
  • JF
    Ahaha look at all these guys who want an invitation like junkies for a fix ! Argh give me one !!!!
  • iCock
    Cool video! Still looks like a pointless bag of shite though.
  • bodger b.
    That was awful. I would rather chuff off my old man than watch that again.
  • pauski
    Amanda - bless, common sense. BW - the video has been pulled. Sounds shite to me anyway.
  • iCock
    @pauski "BW – the video has been pulled. Sounds shite to me anyway" It ain't been pulled. Maybe you've just got your shit filter turned all the way up.
  • goon
    Amanda Hugginnkiss says wise things besides the last sentence also the video is shit and about as funny as finding yourself as fritzl's dungeon buddy
  • applesux
    Amanda Hugginnkiss should replace Paul Smith! He is a douchebag.

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