Samsung's gigantic 55 inch curved TV is about to invade the UK like Godzilla

28 August 2013

s9c_1 Previously only available in America and Asia, Samsung are about to unleash their enormous and curved OLED TV in the UK - if you've got a few grand burning a hole in your pocket.

The 54.6-inch screen is curved to offer a more cinematic experience and the 1080p 3D TV also has digital TV tuners, smart TV capabilities, WiFi, advanced image processing and all that.

Samsung UK say: "It’s like bringing home an IMAX theatre that you can enjoy every day."

Samsung haven't announced a price yet, but as it had been going for $9,000 overseas, it won't be cheap. That said, if you have a living room big enough to accommodate one of these, then you're probably not a stickler for price.

It'll be on sale from 5th September.

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  • shiftynifty
    That`s some curveball statement...
  • Richard M.
    It's no doubt an impressive set but these days 55" is not that big, certainly not 'Gigantic'! For the likely price of this set you could buy something much larger, albeit not curved but who needs a curved TV?
  • Asshats

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