Samsung want to send you to a Virtual Reality

27 May 2014

samsung As well you know, all the technology companies are in each other's pockets, copying all the ideas because no-one wants to miss out on being responsible for The Next iPad.

Since everyone sneered at tablets, which promptly took off, as soon as a company shows the vaguest interest in something, all the tech companies fall on an idea like starved pack animals.

So, since Facebook snapped up Oculus and Sony announced their Project Morpheus, it seems Virtual Reality is the latest fad. Now, it seems like Samsung are getting in on the action too with a VR headset of their own.

Reports suggest that Samsung aren't just announcing their intent to muscle in on the world of VR, but rather, they are already well under way with their developments, to the point where something could be refined enough for an announcement later this year.

And this is not the muttered about 'Galaxy Glass' project. This is a virtual reality headset which will have an OLED screen, much like the second Oculus Rift development kit. It will be a device designed with gaming in mind and it will be compatible with Android games.

Everyone's waiting for the porn though, right?

While Oculus Rift will run through a PC, Samsung's device will be used in conjunction with Galaxy devices (like the Note 3 or Galaxy S5). Price-wise, it is thought that the Samsung VR headset will be cheaper than both Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.

Samsung are not commenting on rumours or speculation, as ever.

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