Samsung unveil the Galaxy Gear

5 September 2013

Samsung have finally shown us what their smartwatch - the Galaxy Gear - will look like.

At some industry shindig, Samsung played orchestral music while curtains dropped, with giant screens showing the newest gadgets, including this latest wearable technology.


The Galaxy Gear will have a 1.63-inch bright touchscreen display and will allow you to take calls like you're Dick Tracy. There are 6 straps to choose from, which have an embedded speaker and microphone. The phone links to your Samsung smartphone and you can check texts and more with a series of voice commands.

There's no price for these yet, but they don't half look decent.


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  • Tigger
    I assume that's a typo for they look half-decent....
  • Captain.Cretin
    Reminds me of something Clive Sinclair would have launched in the 1970's
  • fra
    Couldn't they have found some bigger screws for the front of them, those that they used are way too subtle.
  • BS
    Geeky and like something out of the 80s lol. I wonder if they will catch on.
  • klingelton
    whenever a technology company tries to release a fashion accessory, they always make it look like robocop's cockring. I'm hoping the Apple device will be a little more understated and simple. Sent from my iPenis
  • mikeypop
    Everyone else seems to have mentioned the $299 price, so not sure why you couldn't find it? Then again, you didn't mention the woeful "upto 1 day" battery life either and claimed it looks half decent, so perhaps ignoring the mad price was also part of the polishing-a-turd editorial slant that this article seems to have. Pointless specs over functionality/practicality.

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