Samsung under the cosh as Galaxy Gear sales are flat and updates ruins phones

19 November 2013

GALAXY_Gear Since release, Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch hasn't exactly set the world alight. It has been reported that they managed to sell somewhere in the region of just 50,000 units.

What's been the problem? Well, it is a pricey bit of kit for a kick-off. Not only that, reviews weren't exactly great, with critics bemoaning the puny battery life and and limited functionality. Of course, Apple will be taking notes if they're going to unleash an iWatch on the world.

Worse for Samsung is that they released an update to try and sort out some of the problems with the Galaxy Gear which has mucked up everyone's phones, with users saying that their handsets have crashed, frozen or developed problems with the battery.

If you scoot around Facebook and Twitter, the phone that seems to suffering the most is the Galaxy S3. This is particularly bad timing if Samsung want people to buy their tablets and devices over Christmas.

Concerning the complaints about the 4.3 update, Samsung replied: "We appreciate your patience while we work on this. As soon as we have further information, we’ll update you through our social and service channels. Thank you for bearing with us."

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  • Doengen
    and to make things worse, this thing only works with their region locked cripple phones while updates for S3 and Note 2 have not got out of the door with months of delays. I got a Note 2 on release and no updates, nothing. As far as I am concerned, that was my first and last Samsung product.
  • steve
    "sell somewhere in the region of just 50,000 units." "with sales reaching 800,000" Still ugly, but you might want to rethink this story.
  • dave
    My Galaxy S4 was ruined because of there bodged update. I sent my S4 back for a new one and will not be letting the phone update anymore which is really annoying

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