Samsung phone has a projector and new iPhone in September

"Talk dirty to me y'bugger and I'll tell you about my wobbly tooth", yesterday

Samsung have released the Galaxy Beam this week, which is very exciting because this new Android handset comes with a built-in projector! Picture that! A phone with a projector! You could project your self-shot videos onto your friend's faces as they sleep! You could project dirty pictures onto a vicar's chest during a funeral!

Anyway, this Samsung Galaxy Beam has a 1GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 4in, 480 x 800 display and the fabulous 720p projector.

According to reports, this phone will be available on T-Mobile and Orange at Carphone Warehouse for free on £31 monthly contracts. Elsewhere, Samsung's enemy, Apple, is readying the new iPhone to hit the shelves on the 21st September with a 12th September unveiling. This will be followed up by the unveiling of 34,918 lawsuits against absolutely anyone they can find.

A variety of leaks suggest that Apple's next mobile will be taller with a 16:9 display and a smaller connector dock, the latter, irritating loads of people. There's also still loads of rumours about a new iPod nano and iPad mini.


  • Sicknote
    IPhone 5 screen is no larger or smaller than IPhone 4s, 4, 3GS, 3.... You would of course know this because the SDK would have changes to support a new screen size and a screen test function - I haven't seen anything about that.
  • Spencer
    This seasons Iphone being displayed by Hipster-douche-boi... contains nothing innovative or new and is a re-model of an existing design. However the designers have made some very minor tweaks so it looks slightly different... we expect millions will be flocking to it and it will make billions...

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