Samsung overtake Apple in world smartphone market... which doesn't seem right

28 October 2011

Bitterwallet - Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

You'd think that the iPhone was the most popular smartphone on the planet wouldn't you? Therefore, it stands to reason that Apple are the biggest mobile maker on the planet, right?

Wrong. That's because Samsung have past Apple to become the biggest mobile phone maker by revenue, in the whole wide world.

And they predict growth too with new models backed by Google due out in November.

Samsung aren't keen to tell anyone of the actual figures they've sold, but Jae Lee, a Daiwa Securities technology analyst, estimates that in the third quarter, Samsung sold 28m smartphones, way above Apple's 17m.

Of course, this will only add fuel to the fire that is the endless series of legal battles around the world between the two phone makers over alleged patent infringements relating to smartphones and tablets.

Samsung have said that they hit a record in quarterly sales of £8.37bn, which is an impressive 37% increase from last year.

"Looking ahead into the fourth quarter, when industry demand is traditionally at its peak, Samsung expects sales of mobile devices to remain strong and flat panel TV shipments to increase," the company said in a statement.

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  • mizzle
  • The B.
    Glad I'm not the only one who moans about it.
  • J
    Really? Because I don't know anyone with a Samsung mobile wheres a iPhone.....
  • Darren
    "@J no mates" You must live among a very small group of vain people then. I bet you love siri on the 4s. gives you a new imaginary friend to talk to. Where I am (in the real world) most people with IPhone's are pissed off with them or fed up trying and failing to get a 4s , and the other more sensible people mostly have Samsung's or HTC's oh and the word you were looking for was "whereas" but "where's am iPhone is much better" lol. they will be like the dinosaurs eventually. unless they release a phone that is up to date with its hardware.
  • maxtweenie
    @mizzle and @The Real Bob - So I'm not the only one either. I must admit I get really pist off with it.
  • Richard
    Come on guys, are you surprised, this is Mof 'work experience' Gimmers. If a grammatical error is all you're concerned with in his articles then be thankful. :-P
  • Joff
    Apple trying to block sales of Samsung devices has been great publicity for Samsung - good work Apple =)
  • Wonky H.
    Noika will dance on all their graves. Pissing.
  • tin
    Samsung make many different varieties of phone, Apple just one (Or 3 if you want to count that it's possible to buy previous models). Samsung phones range from cheap to expensive. iPhone starts and ends at expensive. I'm not sure why the press keep comparing the sales of a range of mass market phones with a single niche market phone - or at least when they do, why it's presented as if it actually means anything.
  • J
    @Darren Boring hell!!!!!

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