Samsung make MASSIVE tablet

22 October 2015

Samsung are bringing out a new Galaxy tablet and it has a whopping 18.4in screen. That's bloody massive. Ace for watching films on, we guess. Not so great for, y'know, being discrete when you're looking at dirty pictures in a coffee shop. It is called the Galaxy View.

Anyway, there's a host of new things that may interest you (they might not, but then, that's your own stupid fault for continuing to read this particular piece).


For a start, there's no home button on this thing, which is not like Samsung. There's a useful kickstand on it, which folds into the back in a rather nifty way. It also has its own carry handle, so you can waddle around with it like a fancy Dan.

The View has a full HD front-facing lens, for the selfie-takers among you and... well... you get the idea. The whole point of this particular tablet is that it is bloody massive.

If you're interesting in the spec and all that, click here.

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  • Otty
  • Nick
    Given that Samsung seem to have abandoned their Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (it's stuck on Android 4.2.2) here in the UK less than two years after release while it's still being updated elsewhere, I doubt I'll be spending any more money with them. One thing you can say for Apple (which I never thought I would find myself saying), the iPad 2's we have at work are still getting OS updates over four years after release. Other manufacturers should take note.

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