Samsung launch hub of internet things!

3 September 2015

samsung logo Samsung have gone and launched a new hub for smarthome devices, which means you'll be able to do all manner of things while scratching your hole. Their Hub will, we're assured, securely unite sensors and all manner of accessories from anyone who makes things that work with the SmartThings open system.

Like what? Well, this is all to do with the fabled 'internet of things', and this instance, you can have a home that links everything up, like washing machines, toasters, heating, lights and the rest, controlled through apps on your phone and tablets. And they'll all be able to 'talk' to each other as well, so they can be more efficient and useful to you.

Imagine, if you will, your heating talking to the lighting and the kettle, to know when you're home from work, so they can all start doing their thing for your return.

Samsung's device and service will be available from 10th September.

Samsung’s president of UK and Ireland Andy Griffiths said: "We believe a connected home will provide users [with] more information, more piece of mind and more control in their lives – but privacy is fundamental."

"The whole thing is encrypted end-to-end – think bank-level security – while we have continuous security checks and third-party auditing. Only you will have access to any data stored in the cloud."


Samsung will sell a starter pack for £199 with the Hub, a door closing sensor, a motion sensor, a presence sensor and a power outlet switch.

There'll be other stuff you can buy too, like moisture sensors, cameras and sleep monitors, which will retail for around £30 a pop. Of course, there'll be more and more things added to the range as time goes on.

Samsung want to get developers involved, as well as other companies, and have vowed that, within 5 years, all devices made by Samsung - including TVs and whatnot - will be able to connect to the internet and able to integrate into the SmartThings Hub.

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  • oldgit
    Is there any point to this, other than giving hackers a few more targets ?
  • IknowWhoYouAre
    "Only you will have access to any data stored in the cloud". Only you. And Samsung. And Google, which means any security service that asks them. Oh yeah, and hackers.

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