Samsung Galaxy S5: someone's already hacked it

16 April 2014

A matter of days after Samsung unleashed the Galaxy S5 on the world, some smart-arse has already hacked the fingerprint scanner on it.

In a video, below, the researchers showed how a wood glue spoof made from a mould is all that's needed to get under the fingerprint security.

The narrator on the video says: “the spoof was made under lab conditions but is based on nothing more than a camera phone photo of an unprocessed latent print on a smartphone screen.” Well, obviously.

Of course, this isn't the only fingerprint hack. Apple’s iPhone 5S was hacked by Chaos Computer Club a matter of hours after launch. The main difference between the two hacks is that, unlike the iPhone, the Samsung handset doesn't require a password to authenticate after a certain number of incorrect attempts.

That means nasty people can try as many times as they like.

SRLabs accuse Samsung of failing to learn from the mistakes of other technology companies, and seeing as the method used in the S5 hack was basically the same as the iPhone hack, they may well have a point.

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  • Coran
    "a mould is all that’s needed"...just a mould of the persons fingers...that's all.

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