Samsung Galaxy S4s catching fire?

10 December 2013

There's always stories knocking around about smartphones catching fire. Now, again, there's a report about a Samsung Galaxy S4. A YouTube user - Ghostlyrich - posted a video showing his S4 catching fire.

In response to this, Samsung said they would replace the handset, provided the video was removed from YouTube. Seems a bit heavy-handed when, with a little TLC, they could've come out of the incident looking like kindly aunts.

With that, Ghostlyrich has responded with another video showing fire damage to his phone. Samsung's (alleged, lawyers) letter has also been stuck online too (have a look here).

This ties-in with another report earlier this year when an S4 exploded and burnt a house down in Hong Kong while the user was holding his device. See here for that story.

There have been stories about iPhones exploding and electrocuting people too (although most Apple problems arise from the use of third-party chargers.

In short, if you own a phone, might be worth buying a fire extinguisher.

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  • Old G.
    So it's not the video that show it catching fire then? I could have taken a blowtorch to his phone and made it look like that. Doh.

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