Samsung Galaxy S4: Controlled by eyeballs

Samsung have launched the new Galaxy S4 and you can control its 5in screen using only your eyeballs, which is mental.

Not only that, but the launch showed off the new device and its capaility of taking two different pictures at the same time! This sounds like a fancy future-phone already!

In addition to all this, you'll be able to "smart pause" videos by looking away from the screen and "smart scroll" with your eyes. It'll be lighter and thinner than the S3 and the phone will be able to English text into Chinese speech, and translate Chinese speech back into English text. Presumably it'll do other languages, but the launch showed Chinese and English. Either way, that could be pretty useful.

The S4 also utilises Samsung Hub, which is a cloud storage facility where you can store a host of information and media across multiple Samsung devices.

You'll be able to get your hands on the Galaxy S4 at the end of April, but weirdly, following the launch, shares in Samsung fell 1.7%. It seems there's no confidence in the mobile market.

Either way, the S4 will hit the shelves and you'll be able to get it in white or black and it will be available on Vodafone, Three, Orange, T-Mobile and EE networks.



  • mikeypop
    "...the phone will be able to English text into Chinese speech..." Will there be a Bitterwallet-to-English translation mode as well to help people understand your appallingly proof-read articles?
  • The M.
    What if you wear tinted glasses - or your a pirate with an eye patch? will the handset judge you if your eyes are too close together and auto-fail you for credit checks?
  • mm71
    So, we will be able to communicate efficiently with our Chinese overlords. Eggserrant
  • Simes123
    Still cheaply built. I might have been interested if they'd cut back on the feature overload and built the thing a little more robustly.
  • Mad H.
    All I want from this and any other smartphone is a feature that automatically switches off bongo videos when my wife walks into the room. Is that so much to ask?
  • Strawbear
    What about people who are boss-eyed? It'll be like when your Nan tries to use a mouse. How about a service that wipes both your browsing history and your screen post ejaculation? There's a feature worth paying for.
  • Raggedy
    Hang on, have they sorted out the problem with people who wear glasses? As in their current "stay awake" feature on the S3 and Note 2 works sporadically or not at all. Hold the "speccy" comments! I don't wear glasses (yet) but my colleagues do. Perhaps two fingers springing out of the phone and poking the lenses in will be the only way to get round this?
  • Mr M.
    Unless the battery last an entire day with average use I only give enough of a shit to comment on here
  • Michael J.
    I too wonder if we'll get a 'Mof to English' feature.

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