Samsung developing smart-contact lenses

Google-Smart-Contact-Lens-Project Years ago, we told you about Google's smart contact lenses, and seeing as wearable technology is still a really hot topic for technology makers, Samsung have jumped on the idea, wanting to create contacts that will transmit images into your eyes, to enhance the view of the real world.

Sounds incredibly futuristic.

It seems that there's going to be tiny projectors embedded in the lenses, which will beam digital images on to your retina, so everything you look at could look like RoboCop's vision. Instead of weighing up potential targets, instead, the idea is that you could go to a museum or something, and get information about the things you gaze upon.

According to a patent application, these lenses will be activated by a blink. It might cause havoc with them if you get an eyelash in your eyeball or what have you. Tiny antennas inside the lenses would receive data from your smartphone, which would be synced up presumably through a dedicated app.

Samsung think these will be superior to smart glasses like Google Glass, thanks to an improved and wider viewing angle, and of course, they'll be sat on your eyes, rather than perched on your ears. Of course, with these being invisible to everyone else, there's sure to be some concern about privacy issues and the like.

There's be a display unit placed between two plastic layers to make up each lens, according to the filing. An internal motion sensor would let a user take pictures or shoot videos by focusing your eyes on a scene and then blinking. We can't wait for someone to utilise this in a boxing match, but really, the success of an technology is based on how quickly it is taken up by people who make dirty films.

Google's efforts in this area are focused on monitoring blood sugar levels in diabetics, but it seems like Samsung are going for leisure, rather than medicine.

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