Samsung claims 5G breakthrough, so you can download films in ONE SECOND

13 May 2013

a film Samsung are making some pretty bold claims. They reckon that we'll be able to download entire films to their phone or tablet in less than a second thanks to fifth-gen mobile broadband (or 5G if you prefer).

In a statement, the company said: "5G will be capable of providing a ubiquitous Gbps (gigabit per second) experience to subscribers anywhere and offers data transmission speeds of up to several tens of Gbps per base station."

"The implementation of a high-speed 5G cellular network requires a broad band of frequencies, much like an increased water flow requires a wider pipe. While it was a recognized option, it has been long believed that the millimeter-wave bands had limitations in transmitting data over long distances due to its unfavorable propagation characteristics."

"However, Samsung’s new adaptive array transceiver technology has proved itself as a successful solution. It transmits data in the millimeter-wave band at a frequency of 28 GHz at a speed of up to 1.056 Gbps to a distance of up to 2 kilometers."

"Samsung plans to accelerate the research and development of 5G mobile communications technologies, including adaptive array transceiver at the millimeter-wave bands, to commercialize those technologies by 2020."

In short: Torrents will be incredible by the time we get to 2020.

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  • Jeremy
    Can they microwave a 5G horse-burger for me?
  • Alexis
    In Korea maybe. The internet in this country is crap.
  • Don D.
    This is all well and good - but mobile phone companies will still have "unlimited" data caps at 1GB per month!
  • Amild J.
    Yeah, movies at a resolution of 800x400.
  • Zleet
    Completely wipe out my data allowance in less than a second! The future is truly here.

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