Samba launch ad-funded free broadband

4 July 2012

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Get this. Samba has launched an ad-funded mobile broadband service for netbooks, tablets etc using Three's network, which basically, invites you lot to watch some video advertisements in return for free credit.

Basically, if you watch 2.5 minutes of ads per day, you can earn the amount of data that the average 3G tablet user gobbles up in an average month (which is around 517MB). People using this will be able to pick from a grid of different ads to watch to top up their credit.

You'll be able to choose either a Samba microsim for iPads or a dongle for laptops and netbooks. The standard SIM costs £5, while the Samba Dongle and SIM combination costs £25.

Then, you set up an account which will allow you to start accumulating credit. Ads are likely to be interactive commercials, which sadly, may mean that you won't be able to leave your device silently playing a whole host of ads all-night while you're in bed, so you can avoid dealing with them in exchange for free broadband.

On average, each ad gives you 3.5MB of free data. If you're a heavy user, the only thing you may stumble over is that you'll run out of ads to watch, but that will change should this model prove to be a success.

If you get tired of the commercials, there's an option to buy cash top-ups (250MB for £3.49 and 500MB for £5.99) or, you can earn Samba credit by making purchases through partner retailers, such as iTunes or Pricegrabber.

The company says: "With Samba you earn the credit watching ads at a time that is convenient for you and then have access when you need it. It also marks an end to that hunt for a coffee shop, pub, hotel or library to get online - with Samba you can be online anytime, anywhere."

Is it worth it?

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  • Andy D.
    Everybody likes to samba, all those colours and revealing costumes. It's fantastic.
  • Big D.
    No exactly new news. They've been offering the SIMs since 14 May....
  • Idi A.
    Hey! Perhaps they could call it Freeserve!
  • klingelton
    freeserve wasn't ad funded. you got bum raped by telephone costs - if you remember.
  • bushbrother
    I used this during their beta trial, its excellent.
  • Wonkey H.
    ^ best said in a Mr Burns voice

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