Safari is down, knackered, and not working

sad-apple-logo If you've been wondering why you can’t open Safari on your Mac or your iPhone today, let us tell you - it isn't working. There's a bug that has busted it for everyone, and looks like it is affecting all versions of iOS and OS X.

It seems that on the iPhone, the browser keeps crashing, and on OS X, Safari is locking up. Some people are not experiencing this, but many are. Presumably, they can't read this article, so let us take this opportunity to slag them off, by commenting about the size of their nose and how much they smell like the inside of a cheap pie.

If you want to fix the issue, go to the settings on your iPhone, hit Safari and disable ‘Search Engine Suggestions’, and hopefully, you'll be able to launch your browser.

As for a temporary work around For Mac OS, you need to disable 'Include search engine suggestions', which you'll find in the Safari preferences, and 'Search'.

Apple say: "We are currently experiencing a global outage with Safari and working to get this resolved for everyone.

This is not related to the story we wrote yesterday, about the prank site 'CrashSafari', but if you want mess with some Apple users after this problem is fixed by making their browser crash again, you know what to do.

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