Ryanair display their lack of common (Ad)Sense

20 May 2009

Ah, Ryanair. You may have the scent of desperation and attitude of a pimp in a passage when it comes to customer policy, but at least you've a solid online strategy. Who cares if you don't understand the point of blogging or defend outrageous and offensive blog posts made by your staff. And does it matter that your website still looks like an educational tool for colour-blind toddlers? Not at all.

At least you've got Google Ads sussed though, eh? You've realised you can make a pretty penny or two by displaying contextual advertising that's entirely appropriate to your customer. Or perhaps you haven't:

Maybe somebody should log into Google AdSense and take a look at the Competitive Ad Filter, instead of driving customers to their competitors. Unless it's an elaborate plan by Ryanair to bankrupt the likes of bmibaby, which if you asked them about, they'd probably insist it was. Numpties.


  • Ian
    Ryanair are an industry leader. They are probably confident that the customers can check out the competition (earning them money) and still the customer will opt for Ryanair
  • Al
    Actually it makes complete sense... think about it... RyanAir shows available flights but... bugger, none of them are right for you?! So they salvage what they can by referring you to competitors making a little bit of cash on the way.
  • Al
    (What Ian said too) :)
  • Chopper
    Ian... You're both naive and a complete tool... Anyone who knows anything about airlines would rather walk than go with Ryanair. The only people who use Ryanair are gamblers and first timers.
  • Jon
    Ian and Al, you two don't work for Ryanair do you?
  • Paul S.
    Ian - it goes against everything that Ryanair have done to reach their position as industry leader. All the ludicrous headlines, the outrageous soundbites - it's all designed to put Ryanair top of mind with potential customers. They don't waste a breath promoting any other airline - for better or worse - so this type of sctivity makes no sense. And AdSense will earn Ryanair pennies per click-through, if that - which could amount to several hundred times less what they could earn from a sale. Actiively promoting a rival service is idiotic, as is risking a potential sale.
  • Mike H.
    Thing is though Paul, by the time you've got to that point, you are probably made your mind up and already committed to flying with Ryanair, so you're unlikely to click the links anyways.
  • Paul S.
    In which case Ryanair makes no money at all, but still promotes the names of competitors on their website?
  • Tim
    Oh my god people are thinking Ian and Al were serious? Please..... no............
  • Mike
    I agree with Al... Adsense (for those that use is) can be lucritive, and worth more than a few pennies per click if that - often it can amount to 50 US cents or more and the algorithm for revenue is not just based upon clicks, but also impressions, and if they used to competitive ad filter, they would (Unless they begin using the new google DART cookie) be filtering out pretty much ALL relevnt ads, and the ads would be of such poor quality and have a much smaller payout per click and impression.
  • tom
    It dosent really harm ryanair :| There is no loyalty when it comes to flights. If ryanair are cheap 99.9% will buy that flight, if they are not cheap, no one books. Im sure they will get a LOAD of clicks, which can really add up in terms of cash made. Its clever.
  • chris h.
    They just don't care about anyone Once they have forced all other airlines to either copy them or go bust trying another way then they will rule the world. I hate them with a passion like .....
  • Mike H.
    I wouldn't be suprised if Ryanair introduced a fee to click through to the competitors website, they are thick as flu infected pig shit.
  • Jill
    Yet manage to run a successful airline which, if I remember correctly, is the most punctual in Europe.
  • Ian
    I was serious. I'd probably deny I am naive and a 'complete tool' on the grounds that I've just completed a MA in Business, and wrote 3k words on the business model of Ryanair. Plus I have a BSc in Marketing. In the budget airline, there are no switching costs for the consumer. The products are no differentiated. Branding makes very little difference, apart from for the Ryanair brand, their brand is that that they are the cheapest. If the customers are deciding on their flight based on price, I repeat myself, Ryanair have little issue with EARNING MORE MONEY from their customers seeing the higher competitor prices.
  • Mary s.
    I just bagged a return flight from rodez to stanstead for september.....total cost =€8 (euro) RETURN !!! :) Mr O'leary can suck my wanger if he's making money out of me on that one :). HA HA fuk off I win
  • instanceof
    Maybe the are only displaying the competitive adds beside cheap tickets, and on routes with no competition?

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