Rupert shares - sign up for preview of paywalled newspapers

It's coming - the future of newspapers is on its way; at least the Murdochian vision of paywalled news. Invites to an exclusive preview of the The Times and Sunday Times have begun plopping through virtual letterboxes:

Bitterwallet - The Times and Sunday Times exclusive previewothon

These sites will deliver a unique new online service. You will get to delve into the news with stunning picture galleries, video and extended coverage. You will be able to ask the questions, engage with the issues, debate with our columnists. We'll bring you unrivalled coverage of everything that matters - from the election, to foreign news, to arts and culture, to the World Cup - in a more vibrant and stimulating way than ever before.

If you want to be there on the bleeding edge of journalism, you can sign up for the exclusive preview yourself, shortly before you're hounded to death to pay your bloody subs. Cheers, Rupert!


  • Timmo
    "These Times, they are a-Chargin" (c) El Reg
  • Kevin
    Bye Bye Times
  • PennyPincher
    Oh all this in the consumer's interest? Arn't they lovely. Looks like they forgot to mention they want some money.
  • The B.
    [...] not going to take it anymore. Several weeks ago, plans to put The Times (and Sunday Times) behind a paywall were announced. The blurb boasted: “We’ll bring you unrivalled coverage of everything that matters – [...]

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