Rubbish £55 phone launches for old people

7 November 2012

age uk phoneOld people don't like technology. They like things that can give you lead poisoning and unsophisticated racism. However, everyone has mobile phones now, which means no-one rings each other in favour of text messages and social networking, leaving nana and grandpa left out in the cold.

And so, someone has decided to make yet-another mobile phone for pensioners.

The 'My Phone' is credit-card sized and has been designed to make mobiles easier to understand for people who aren't savvy when it comes to technology.

Rather than tapping in numbers to make a phone call (not that anyone does that anymore), you would simply press a customised button with the name of the contact on it. You can have up to eight numbers, which are pre-programmed into the phone by the manufacturer when you order it. The handset costs £55 alongside various 30-day rolling price-plans.

Helena King, head of affinity at Age UK, said it is "not surprising" that some older people have limited experience of using mobile phones as most people over the age of 65 use a fixed landline, adding that My Phone is "easy to use and means that people can contact their nearest and dearest at literally the touch of a button."

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  • Alexis
    I don't understand the photo - the screen can't be edge to edge like that? Is is actually a pre-printed rubber thing they slap on the front of an existing phone?
  • Avon B.
    What if you don't know anybody called Sandra, and you're not in a Home yet?
  • Angry R.
  • Zleet
    £55 for that is a fucking rip off. Buy a bog standard Nokia for £20 and program numbers into the speed dial keys. At least then an old person can ring the emergency services or receive texts if they want.
  • MY E.
    Numbers pre-programmed by manufacturer - so what happens when one or more of those numbers change.
  • Joe
    Because old people are all fucking simpletons who need a useless £55 pile of cunt, clearly.
  • Jeebus
    You set-up a premium rate phone to guide the coffin dodgers through changing the phone numbers, that or you send them a premium rate text containing contact card after they've called the premium rate phone number.
  • Jeremy
    Where do you plug the wire in?
  • Prince D.
    Old people don't need phones. They need a euthanasia jab and killing off as they are a drain on society and piss me off when in the queue at the post office as they stink of piss and rotting damp. The law must change where once you get to 70 or can't wipe your own arse and/or stink of piss you get the jab. lol
  • P O.
    Old people should be drowned at birth.
  • Prince D.
    @ P Oundedland I agree....... oh! lol
  • Sawyer
    Surely John's Phone ( is a better option? It costs the same, can dial other phone numbers besides pre-set ones, and - more importantly - acknowledges that people wanting a basic phone are not necessarily too stupid to use ones with more features. In fact, with a paper phone book and pen built-in, it's probably the closest you're going to get to an old person's phone-on-the-table-in-the-hall. Age UK are endorsing the wrong product.
  • Claire B.
    If you want to change the numbers, you have to order another. Ridiculous. I got my parents a cheap Android phone and added icons with our photos so they can speed dial us. There's also a great theme called Big Launcher which adds massive, customisable icons to any Android phone. Why on earth anyone would buy this bit of tat is beyond me.
  • Gabriella
    I think it's insulting to some old people. Many know more about technology than the rest of us.
  • NumptyDumpty
    @ P Oundedland Funniest remark on here for weeks!
  • laugh s.
    what's the story with that John's phone? A fucking piece of paper and a pen attached to it? what utter mongol would buy that?
  • bill
    hi prince hopefully by the time you are fucking old they will have self induced kits,hopefully in your twenties,fucking moron
  • heln g.
    I agree, I'm 69 and old people piss me off too.

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