Royal Mail make intelligent stamp

3 September 2010

supermanstampThe Royal Mail have finally gone and done the thing we've all been yearning for. We've waited years, but at last, it is here. Ladies and gentlefolk, the Royal Mail has made an intelligent stamp.

We know that you lot have been itching for something like this. We've had millions of emails stating that you've long stared a postage stamps and wanted something more from them. Even our editor, Mr Dawson, has been known to scratch away at them in an attempt to find hidden extras inside.


The Royal Mail's latest stamp works with image recognition technology, which means that, when you scan it with your smartphone, you get a whole bunch of useless shit.

The new stamp, which is part of the Royal Mail's Great British Railways edition, will launch online content via smartphones when you scan them via the Junaio application (which you can get from the Android/iTunes markets for free, if you're interested).

The Royal Mail's Philip Parker told the BBC: "This is the first time a national postal service has used this kind of technology on their stamps and we're very excited to be bringing intelligent stamps to the nation's post.

"Through Intelligent Stamp technology, our stamps will open up to a whole new world of information, interest and fun to collectors and the millions of people who will receive them on letters in the coming months alike."

It's no pissing use if the letter never even reaches our houses or turns up so late that we've developed newer technology for our future-phones, eh?



  • Joff
    That's nothing - Sweden issued stamps in the 90's with Roxette on them. Until Royal Mail start putting Bombalurina on their stamps I'm not interested.
  • Darren
    Royal Mail is British, yet you put an American stamp as the picture..... how low can you go! Hire a new picture choosy bloke!
  • PokeHerPete
    Id like to see a best of the internet range of stamps. Suck as goatse and pedobear stamps.
  • PokeHerPete
    Suck = such I got a E in Engrish in my GCSEs this year. Thank god Mc Donalds doesn't require it!
  • Nobby
    Well, the thought of all that information on a stamp made me tug one out. I wasn't looking at superman at the time.
  • pottsuk
    it will just join the rest of the mail dumped in a back lane somewhere
  • David d.
    I think the real news here is you can lick supermans rear, and rub your thumb over his body.
  • zax
    And one wonders where all the money goes - why there are strikes...!
  • I'm m.
    Any news on the development of the 'intelligent' postman?
  • Jack T.
    All they have to do now is work out how to deliver it. Without opening it first to check for valuables.
  • Inspector G.
    Rather than a picture of the Queen, maybe a picture of future queen Kate Middleton. I'd rather like one of those stamps.
  • Mark C.
    Wow, you mean I could scan the stamp and find out all the same information as if I'd bunged the name of whatever it is on the front into Google? Can we just stop fucking about with the stamps and just get cheap, reliable postage instead?
  • Darren
    @ Mark C Based on the actual news story. I believe they are going to be used for advertising!
  • G-Unit
    They say "scan it with your smartphone" but how exactly? Is there an app for that?
  • PokeHerPete
    @Inspector Gadget - I read your comment first as: "Rather than a picture of the Queen, maybe a picture of future queen Kate Middleton. I’d rather lick one of those stamps." So would I!
  • specky b.
    royal mail makes shit loads of money selling these stamps to crazy american/japanese stamp collectors so these are not a waste of money.

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