Royal Mail look at online delivery to stay relevant

29 May 2013

royal20mail20logo20copy The Royal Mail are going to be keeping some post offices open late as part of a new initiative which aims to help us get our internet-ordered parcels outside of working hours.

It seems that the Royal Mail have finally worked out that everyone else has lives far more flexible than ever before, around 10 years after everyone else in the universe.

The company reckon this will be the biggest service of its kind, with Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, saying: "Royal Mail is a key partner for online retailers and we are well placed to benefit from the growth in e-retailing."

"The click and collect initiative will help online retailers give shoppers even greater control over the delivery of their items. We are committed to developing services to ensure we meet the changing demands of online retailers and their customers."

However, no-one heard the initial statement first time round, so Landon left a 'Sorry We Missed You' slip in everyone's letter boxes.

Postal affairs Minister Jo Swinson reckons that this is overdue, and said: "More and more people are choosing to shop online. I'm delighted that through this important new click and collect service the Post Office and Royal Mail are making the most of this growing market and responding to what customers want - convenience and accessibility."

"The parcels market is growing rapidly as Royal Mail's encouraging results last week showed. Click and collect is a great example of how the expanding digital market is creating commercial opportunities to build a sustainable future for the Post Office and Royal Mail."


  • Marky M.
    Staying relevant? What about competitive? I've not used Royal Mail once since I discovered Collect+, and they've not let me down yet.
  • Mr M.
    Still amazes me people use royal mail for anything other than letters.
  • Russ
    They are no use for parcels for anything above a DVD or a book, and even then a hardback costs more to send than it's actually worth Used to be a decent service until they started introducing big price increases, fannying about with size and weight measurements They could literally kill off a lot of the competition if they were more flexible and competitive, though it will take a lot to gain back the customers they have lost
  • badger
    Volumetric pricing is a complete swindle. Parcelforce (easily as bad as Royal Mail) wanted £46 to send a package to Finland. UPS, via Parcelmonkey, wanted £18. It was there in three days.
  • Chunter
    Post offices are run by the Post Office, not Royal Mail. It is the former that is 'going to be keeping some post offices open late.'
  • Kevin
    You don't need post offices open as you still have to go to them. You want timed deliveries after the time you are back from work as a choice when ordering something.

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