Robots Recycled Out of Typewriters

Recycling is the new cool, and Jeremy Mayer has found new ways to turn trash into stunning robotic works of art.

Jeremy has been making robots out of typewriters for over a decade, when he was first in a small Iowa town.

And when you're in a little town in Iowa, there aren't many better things to do.

He calls them "products of nature". He doesn't solder, weld, or glue any parts together. All put together via 'cold assembly' (I assume that means shoving parts together).

Impressive? Well, I normally don't get turned on by stuff like this. It reminds me too much of iRobot. But I must admit, he's done pretty good with just old antique bits and putting it all together. It actually looks pretty cool.

But are these robots? No. Not in my opinion. At least not until they can mix me a cocktail and serve them to me in a nice glass with ice. Then I'll call them Robots. So for now, they shall remain as cool sculpture in my book. You can see the rest of his work on the IO9 website below.

Would I want one?

With halloween coming up, I actually wouldn't mind one sitting by the door to scare the little kids away. Trick or treat, kiddo?

Recycled Robots Refuse to Resort to Type [IO9]

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