Robots and their human counterparts in suspiciously friendly pow-wow

As well as keeping you bang up to scratch with the latest consumer news and stuff about bacon, you’ll probably be aware that Bitterwallet is your first port of call for updates from the world of terrifyingly-lifelike humanoids.

Nothing has given us such a wide range of emotions as Actroid-F did last year – until now that is. The three robots of the Geminoid project recently got together at a summit, and were joined by their human counterparts.

Take a look at some of the footage – we found it surprisingly cordial, although the cameras were obviously put away before the inevitable man/woman/machine six-way orgy got underway later on. We assume.

You can mock us for our coverage of this stuff, but when they’re kicking your front door in and nicking all your jewellery in about three years’ time, don’t say you weren’t warned…

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  • Rodney R.
    Hypothetically typing, when Argos start doing these: would it be considered lazy if i sent my android counterpart out to work instead of me? I mean the work would still get done. Or at least the work rate would be the same. Where's the problem?

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