Robot buses - they don't need drivers

Bitterwallet - robot love Hate dealing with actual humans when you leave the house? Wish there was a way of not speaking to anyone at all when using public transport?

Well, looks like you'll be able to keep your headphones on and silently make your way onto buses, as there's talk of driverless robotic buses that use GPS to tootle around. Sadly, you can't do anything about people with sweaty bums, or people eating tuna butties while sat next to you, stinking the place up.

These are some of the ideas which have been proposed for the UK's digital strategy, set to happen over the next five years.

Digital economy minister Ed Vaizey says that the Government wants to see technology "transform day-to-day life" in the UK, with the country built as a "Tech Nation". There's all manner of ideas floating around - not just concerning buses.

In The Times, Vaizey said: "It might mean that the best educators from around the world are made accessible to all – with virtual reality sets bringing Nobel laureates into the classroom."

"That we can build better houses, faster. That more power is given to the patient, and the care we provide four our elderly and sick is improved and made more affordable."

"That we use driverless robotic buses in rural communities or help people to find parking places using GPS technology."

Sounds like someone's been watching episodes of Futurama and The Jetsons. There's going to be some announcement about all this in early 2016, for those of you who like hearing about politicians and their pie-in-the-sky ideas that they'll never put into play.


  • tin
    LOL complete bollocks and not for the reason that driverless will never take off. As soon as driverless anything is allowed on the roads, you'll be able to rent one by the mile, that will come and pick you up and drop you off at the door either end. Public transport as we know it is fucked. Driverless buses will be passengerless too. Good job we're spending 80bn on HS2 just in time eh?
  • Chris
    You wait, the first accident and the insurance companies will be arguing with the manufacturers for months. They will soon be off the road.

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