RIP Hotmail! Hello Outlook!

1 August 2012

Hotmaillogohistory2_364D6EF4 This morning, we’ve woken up in a new world, a world that we no longer understand. It is a world where… HOTMAIL IS DEAD.

Yes, it’s true – Microsoft’s iconic web-based email service is going to be rebadged and will henceforth be known as Outlook. It’s all part of an attempt to take on Google’s Gmail and a host of snazzy new features will be introduced, some of which are more or less the same as ones already offered by Gmail. Nice one.

Microsoft say that users of Outlook will be able to sort messages as they arrive and make internet calls using Skype as part of the service. They will also be able to link their email account to their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google accounts, in a move which we imagine some berk somewhere within Microsoft HQ has described as ‘holistic’ as part of an uninspiring Powerpoint display.

Outlook accounts will also link up with the Skydrive cloud storage service, which may or may not pose a threat to Google Drive and Dropbox and all that lot. Web versions of Microsoft’s office suite of programs will also be a part of Outlook, which is nice.

Crucially, (and this could be VERY crucial), Microsoft say that Outlook will NOT scan email content or attachments in order to sell the information to advertisers or others. But other than that, it all sounds like the company looking at what Google has done well and adopting it for its own service.

If you’re a Gmail user, would that be enough to persuade you to make the leap to Outlook? Or is the idea of changing your email address and informing all of your contacts the kind of chore that you can’t be bothered with? Why can’t we port our email addresses to the provider of our choice, like we do with mobile phone numbers? Call this the future? This STINKS!

Tell us what YOU think in the box below. Unless you’re a witless dickhead, obviously.

EDIT: Our chums at Gizmodo have had a go of the new Outlook service and they LIKE IT A LOT....

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  • Robin
    And for any password over 16 characters long you now only need to put in the first 16!?!
  • Bob
    Ha got my name. Take that.
  • Loafer1946
    It is always the same, like Facebook, we are boored so lets play with the software and make it more complicated. Result pissed off customers who get angry trying to sort it. If it works why break it.
  • Pete
    This isn't an alternative to gmail (or any other web-mail service) - it's an alternative. Let's face it, having just a single email address is plain dumb. It's like having just a single front door key, or a single mobile phone (or credit card, or friend, or bank account). If there are complications with your one, lone, single, vital "thing" you're stuffed. Everyone should have at least two email accounts - preferably many, many more. That way you will always have a fallback or a way to compartmentalize your life.
  • Pete
    Gahhhh, I said "it's an alternative". I should have said "it's a supplement"
  • Eh?
    @ Pete - anyone who has just one mobile phone or credit card is dumb?! As for bank accounts, I can understand having more than one savings account but having just one current account isn't dumb.
  • Gmail f.
    Pete, Gmail encourage this and enable user's to have multiple accounts.
  • Zleet
    Bit annoying if they forcibly change the addresses as a few websites use emails as a way of signing in so i'd have to hunt through and change them all.
  • @Zleet
    They won't change @hotmail or @live addresses.
  • Alan
    I have had a btinternet email address for years and years, now I have new 'features' as part of Yahoo email which BT appear to have sold out to. Thing is, I don't want any of this shit messaging etc and I cannot turn it off which means I have to close messaging requests, I don't want friends, I don't want calendar, flickr, etc I want to send and receive emails I cannot be arsed to change my email address as too many people have it, I am stuck with this
  • Sicknote
    I think the new charge of £6 a month for more than 30 emails is a fair price; when you consider that you can access it anywhere in the world - except North Korea, China & Iran
  • Mr. P.
    @ Sicknote So you can't access it anywhere in the world then.
  • Sicknote
    @Mr. Patel Yes, anywhere in the world except for the exceptions I listed......
  • Paul
    I once heard a quote that only teenage girls and perverts use MSN
  • whatsit t.
  • james
    i just went to my hotmail account to see about changing to this new account only to find out they have deleted all my emails and on searching their help forums ive seen they have done this to many others even if like me youve been a regular user and logged in recently
  • Chester
    Google are spying scum who have a backdoor with the security agencies and sell all your information harvested from your 'private' emails. Worst company ever.
  • perverted g.
    Living in North Korea, I find msn to be really frustrating

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