RIP Facebook, hello Google+

Now listen here – you’d better all pack up your pictures and your farms and your likes and your pokes and get the hell out of Facebook, because it is almost completely over. The reason is that Google are coming to blast it out of the brine with their own piece of social networking genius. No, not Google Buzz – that didn’t really work out. Or Google Wave – hang on, weren’t they both the same thing?

It’s got the snappy, catchy name of Google+ and they’ve been working on it for a year now. But you can’t use it yet – they’re rolling it out nice and slow. So don’t worry about being a part of it just yet. However once you are involved, your world will become all about ‘circles’ cos that’s how it works.


Google say you’ll be able to share things with small groups of people, or ‘circles’ as they call them – so you can post pictures of your cross-dressing antics without your parents getting to see them. Which is something we’ve been crying out for.

There’ll also be ‘hangout’ and ‘huddle’ elements, that will make the most of video and mobile chat, as well as ‘sparks’ – that’ll be a feature that will help you find online info and content that you care about and can then share with friends. We expect there’ll be lots of Google’s special spying involved in finding results for you there.

Google haven’t said how long it’ll take before there’s a full roll-out for + but we sincerely hope they’ve learned from their recent past mistakes with Buzz and Wave. Right, time to round up all those pesky Farmville animals before we pour kerosene all over our Facebook accounts and give the thing the fiery funeral that it so richly deserves. See y'all in the circle!



  • steve
    Well some of what they are talking about makes good sense. If they can do what they say without dropping the security settings every two weeks and while giving users a little more control of their experience it might make some ground, or at least give facebook a pause for thought(ha).
  • Tom
    Face book are a bigger spy than google, they have fbi and other baking too
  • Will
    Seems a bit gimmicky to me. Personally, I can't see half the world up & moving away from FB. And if your friends aren't using it, what's the point?
  • Tim
    It's the new Buzz Big fuss, invite only at first to hype, tried it once, no one uses it, never used it again. FB sucks in many ways, but my (actual) friends and relatives use it.
  • lumoruk
    Why don't they do auction site, now that is something i would use
  • Justin M.
    @Lumoruk - because challenging eBay's dominance is a huge undertaking and if a major brand tries to do that and fails, it will look very foolish indeed, which could affect share values, public perceptions, industry confidence, etc. Besides, one thing at once. How many pies do you want Google's fingers in?
  • jax
    @ Justin ManchesterAfterDark They are challenging the dominance of facebook which is an equally formidable task, the differce is people want an alternative to ebay, it's something people would look to take up.
  • Idi A.
    Are you all INSANE? This is going to be as big as Myspace!
  • Dick
    Anne Merriwether looks fucking boring, but I'd give her a go in the sack.
  • Mojo J.
    As long as dey don't mess wiv me Friends Reunited. GGRRRRRR!!!
  • ShaunnyBwoy
    Cool, might have to build me a Meet the Parent Circle of Trust. Will people know what circle they belong in, as would also be useful to have a circle of assholes too!

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