RIM rejects takeover offer from Amazon

21 December 2011

BlackberryDespite the fact that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has been having a rotten time lately, they're not up for being taken over by anyone else.

Reports say that RIM turned down takeover offers from Amazon, while Microsoft and Nokia also weighed up bids for the struggling smartphone make.

One IM investor (who declined to be named to make this story all mysterious and sexily clandestine) said the company was now essentially up for sale.

"This story puts RIM in play, because shareholders are going to put it in play," the US-based investor said. "It's over. This is now a company where the activists are in charge."

After reports of a potential takeover leaked, shares jumped 10%. This is a big deal, seeing as RIM's market value has plunged 77% in the past 12 months. All this isn't helped by the fact that RIM are banking on the success of new devices winning everyone over, despite the fact they're going to be delayed 'til the end of 2012.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft and Nokia looked at the idea of a joint bid, and that senior executives from all three companies "frequently meet to discuss ways to enhance their partnerships".

"They have had approaches from folks who have wanted to have discussions," said one head of technology investment banking at a Wall Street bank. "The issue is it is hard to find a value that makes sense with a falling knife."

RIM will hang on for as long as possible, but Amazon - who don't have a foothold in the smartphone market - will no doubt be keeping tabs on a company that may not ultimately have time to waste.

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  • dvdj
    People still actually voluntary buy Blackberrys? I thought the only people who use Blackberrys were those forced to by their work?
  • cdk
    And looters. Don't forget the looters.
  • blah
    @dvdj... Have you not been onto a brtish high street in the last two years?? Every teenager has a BB...
  • A w.
    Blagh is right. Kids Love the BB more than the iPhone. They can fiddle with them under the desks easier - they outnumber the iPhone by 2-3 to 1.
  • Mr B.
    And they are cheap as fuck, chav parents cant afford iphone 4s
  • Chav P.
    Why shell out for an iPhone (and get called a cunt) when for the same price you can buy your whole family a Blackberry each? I've got one for each of my four kids AND one each for their four different mothers!
  • nutter
    Blackberry's for kids.. do you know who your kids are passing out the BBPIN to? especially on facebook, twitter & such like. Kids use them to text during class without teachers knowing...thats their education down the drain right there.

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