Revealed: Where logos roam...

We like this a lot. The Photoshop-wielding wizards at have taken a whole host of world-famous company logos and transplanted them into their natural habitat.

A handful of our favourites follow below – plenty more here.


  • Amanda H.
    I like! Here's one I "did" earlier.
  • Tom P.
    What a complete waste of fucking time opening this page, why do you want to give those wankers free advertising? You'd have to be brain dead to buy La Cock, Peugust, and that crap coffee on the table
  • Mike H.
    Yes, because we all have to buy Java, don't we Tom? V funny Monsieur Amanda, infact, it was LOOLINGMAOROF
  • chools
    Amanda your Photoshop effort was so cool and original as apparently is your toilet - well done! You had me chuckling all the way to the blue screen of death
  • Mike H.
    At least, with a PC, you can right click on the annoying little shit of an on-screen 'helper' and tell it to fuck off just before it blue screens on me due to all the numerous viruses, popups and balloons.
  • Jinny H.
    I got not sleep last night cause of this stupid virus :(

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