Release date for Google's Chromecast

17 March 2014

chromecast We got a bit carried away when Google announced their new Chromecast gizmo, and we still are. There's something very pleasing about a boring looking gadget that is being sold for relatively cheaply, which can connect all manner of things to your TV, so you can sit on your arse for longer and have more fun doing it.

If you missed the announcement and can't be bothered clicking a link, Chromecast is a dongle you plug into your television set, which enables you to stream directly onto your big screen. It essentially turns your TV into a monitor for your phone, laptop or tablet.

This is particularly good if you have the BT Sports app on your tablet, and want to watch the football on your TV, rather than have a tablet on your knee.

And now, there's a release date! An internal listing at Dixons retail stores says that Chromecast will be available in the UK on March 19th.

There's no official word on pricing, but we suspect it'll cost around the £30 mark.

A recent app update shows Chromecast is now available in 50 new languages, which means that it looks like Google will be rolling this out worldwide rather soon.

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  • shopping
    Can ytou confirm sky go will work? where is that info from as sky go and all sky apps disable airplay on tablets i believe. at least ive tried everything i could find to get it to work with no joy.
  • Mof Gimmers EDITOR
    According to this, it looks like Sky Go won't work, sadly. However, there might be a way around it if you're a clever sort or a willing for someone on the internet to come up with a hack. *article amended*
  • Slacker
    Looks great, but would I need to buy a telly for this to work?
  • sheepeatingtaz
    I have 2 chromecasts that I fetched back from the US with me, and I'm overjoyed with them. That being said, I'm heavily invested in the Google ecosystem: I use Play Movies to buy my digital movies, Play Music for all my music and have playlists full of cats on YouTube. I also use Netflix a lot, and have local media streaming through Plex and/or Allcast. I would be over the moon if Sky Go and NFL Gamepass took up the Chromecast for their android apps, but I get plenty of use out them at the moment. Just my 2p
  • Billybobjimbob
    @ Slacker No, you could just stand outside Curry's window all night. Your choice.

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