Regulations needed on superfast broadband say TalkTalk

31 October 2012

broadbandDido 'tea's gone cold and wondering why' Harding, the CEO of TalkTalk, wants some regulatory intervention into the superfast broadband market, mainly because 95% of the fibre broadband market is under the control of BT and Virgin.

"In Silicon Valley, there is just one cable operator, whereas in UK there are many, with four large players making up 80% of the market and many other smaller ones," Dido  said. "We have to start the discussions now, rather than wait for infrastructure build to be complete. Whether it’s in the next three, five or 10 years, part of country will take their phone broadband as a superfast product."

So we need a regulatory framework then because "monopolies are like children. You don’t like them, until you have one of your own."

Backing this up was an Ofcom spokesman who said that they're due to undergo a major review of the fibre market, noting that the regulator had already introduced some regulation into the fibre market.

"Ofcom has, for some time, placed obligations on BT to enable competition in different parts of its fibre network. We intend to begin a comprehensive review of broadband access in the coming weeks, which will examine how competition is best promoted in what is still a developing market," said the Ofcom spokesperson.

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  • Terry
    Is this related to the issue where companies wanted BT to lay the fibre, then them use it with little to no cost?
  • Terry 2.
    that's quite rich coming from shitty talk talk, worst service ever or even no service, the worst "broadband" "provider" ever
  • jt
    I note he's not asking for regulatory intervention in the customer service market. If there was any regulation Talk Talk would be shut down.
  • The M.
    Is this talktalk who can't even get their '40gb download limit' rules to make sense, having as they do, uploaded data count towards your monthly download limit. Silly bastards.

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