Refocus your hopeless blurred holiday snaps

17 July 2013

You know when you take a photo, but you're a bit drunk and you've accidentally cut Auntie Margaret's head off and everything is out of focus? Well, instead of squinting at it with one eye and hitting delete, with the new Lytro camera - launched in the UK next week - you can refocus it after it's been taken, leaving you free to take even more terrible photos!


The Lytro is a light field, or plenoptic camera, which captures more light than ordinary cameras and allows the user to take 'living images' with a variety of inbuilt micro lenses (can you tell I have NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS?)

Anyway, the result is that the camera - retailing for £399 - holds enough information to allow you to go back to your old photos and refocus them long after you took the original.

The camera, which features an 8x optical zoom, is one of the first Light field cameras available, but although the technology has exciting possibilities, the Lytro has already been criticised for its low resolution images. Said one user:

'The first iteration of the Lytro isn’t quite there yet: it’s hard to use, its display is terrible, and outside of a few particular situations its photos aren’t good enough to even be worth saving.'

But it LOOKS really cool. And if you can make it work, it could help you perform vital emergency surgery on all those duff holiday photos.

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  • Yog S.
    Brilliant, I worked in the industry and was asking about this sort of thing 15 years ago. Very handy.
  • Mike O.
    Is your first/last name strawberry?
  • whasitoya
    Wow! Waaaaaay behind the times. This was talked about summer 2012 and earlier!

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