Record and watch your favourite TV shows on tablets with EE

tv You know how you can record things with Sky Q, and watch them on a number of devices? Well, Sky have got some competition because EE TV customers can now do the same.

You'll be able to watch Match of the Day, or episodes of Bargain Hunt while you're down the gym, or wishing you were dead on the bus going to work.

EE pushed out the service this week, and it has been given the slightly clunky name of 'Recordings To Go'. So you'll be able to pick from the content shown on any of EE TV’s 70-odd free-to-view channels, and record them, and transfer them to your tablet or smartphone.

One good thing about this, is that once you've transferred the shows over to your new device, it'll stay there until you decide you've had enough of it and delete it. Other services have an expiry on how long you can keep your favourite programme.

If you're an EE TV customers, the update shows off a new Recordings To Go hub on the main menu. You can also set up your EE TV box to record your shows to either your set-top box, or straight to your mobile or tablet. Go play with your app and see what the craic is.

EE Director of Home Broadband and Television, Simeon Bird said: "We’re continually looking at ways to offer new, exciting and innovative TV features to our customers and now we’ve made EE TV truly mobile. With Recordings To Go, we’re now giving users unique control over how and where they choose to watch TV – whether that’s on a train, bus, tube or even a plane."

You'll never have to talk to another living person again.

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