Reception problems with Vodafone, network down for 3 million

Bitterwallet - VodafoneIf you're a customer of Vodafone, you may be waiting a while to make a call, or indeed do anything else with your handset. A fault means that customers across the UK can't use their mobiles for calls, texts or data services.

The problem has been ongoing for at least six hours; the only acknowledgment from Vodafone that there's any sort of issue is in the Vodafone forums, in response to a customer.

There's next to no detail given, only to say the problem is UK-wide; other reports suggest the issue is affecting approximately 3.2 million customers with SIMs registered at the company's Basingstoke data centre.

The service provider is promising a statement shortly; in the meantime, you'll have to make do without, or using those phones with wires. Old skool.


  • The B.
    That's nothing new, I can't get data access on Vodafone in Docklands ffs, sooner I'm off them the better.
  • charlie s.
    mine was no signal earlier, but seems ok now 10.08am 28/2/11
  • Sam
    Any idea what's actually wrong with it?
  • Mint S.
    I agree with you Bob, worst mistake I made was to leave O2, just hope they accept me back with open arms. Best coverage in the UK?!?! What an effing joke, can't wait to April......
  • Debbie
    I called Vodafone and they told me that I'd receive a refund covering the time that there is no coverage - probably only get it if you complain! I did have to wait a fair while to get through so I would warn those against this course of action if you have to pay for your 0870 calls
  • birdyboyuk
    It was a break in!
  • Nicky Q.
    10:48 I still have no signal and have no land line here - very hacked off
  • Mr G.
    The Vodafone eForum says that its due to a break-in at a datacentre. Maybe that's from the company book of excuses, but if not you have to worry about their physical security if someone can break-in and cause so much damage.
  • Ken
    10:48 - Oxford based business user STILL NOTHING and support site only saying - engineers fixing. time to switch back to virgin......
  • smartroad
    I have just switched my mobile over to wifi and using skype now :)
  • Miss B.
    Well this is absolute bollocks! does anyone know how long it'll be until they get the network up and running again?
  • TJ
    My phone has been down since 1am this morning so, it's not like it's only just happened....they've had plenty of time to look into it and let their customers know!
  • Karen
    mine was out at 5am, so was OHs...reception was back for mine at 10am, but now out again fandabbydozy...both my personal and my work phone are on VF UK landline is next to **** all use as despite having the ADSL filter (which works) plugged in at the correct point, there is terrible feedback when using it for calls stuffed then I guess @The Real Bob - lack of VF coverage in Docklands is a very well known problem...I worked there for about 6 months and it used to do my head in that I could not use my mobile unless I was down by the river and then it was too damn noisy to hear what the person on the other end was saying!
  • louise
    now I have reception but cannot make calls or send texts?
  • Amelia
    Does anyone have any idea when this is going to be working again? i need to contact my boyfriend and my parents:/
  • louise
    reception gone again. I hope it works soon...
  • Zoe
    My phone has been down since midnight and still have nothing, its my only form of contact to anyone as dont have a landline. This is very bad and everyone should be compensated. What if my car breaks down or i get stuck somewhere, emergency calls wont help me, Not happy at all!!! I live in Reading aparently according to vodafone website it is only covering Oxford area, rubbish I can get nothing nor can my friends at work.
  • Emma
    I'm not on vodafone ( thankfully) but I am waiting for south west water to get hold of an engineer who is on vodafone as I'm flooded out due to a burst water main. is anyones signal back on yet??
  • louise
    has anyone had better communication with their customer services than I have. Just no information given and very unhelpful!
  • Inspector G.
    Look at you all, you'd think it was armageddon. What did you people do before mobile phones?
  • Amelia
    Well it's pretty hard:L i've gotta communicate with ma boyfriend and ma parents and it's properly important! so do you have any idea when it's all gonna be fixed?
  • Nicky Q.
    Hhhhm I wonder who Inspector Gadget works for? ......When you pay for a service you expect it to work. End of.
  • Louise
    i agree with you Nicky and when you speak to customer services you expect them to be a little more helpful!
  • Andy T.
    Hope the thieves are proud of themselves!!
  • Amelia
    LOL:'D and yeah i'm paying for this and i expect it to work tbh:L
  • Mint S.
    Good Old Inspector Gadget, clearly a Vodafone rep in disguise. Can you let us know about the credits we should expect to find on our accounts after the fault has been fixed? OR, were you in fact the prick who broke in, in the first place. Either way, shut up and go blog somewhere else.
  • Louise
    working again!!
  • Amelia
    mine isn't:( has anyone else's working?
  • amy
    still no signal (but I am with Lebara, which uses Vodafone network?)
  • Nicky Q.
    Well said !!!
    I live in Cornwall and not been able to use phone for hours now, not ideal when you live in the country with no houses or phone boxes if you break down im sure the police would love it if you rang 999 just coz you have a flat tyre (not) Hurry up vodafone and sort it out please
  • JJMcClure
    I am on Vodafone and have not had any problems today at all. I wonder why some people are affected but others arent. Surely if I am working then there is no excuse why they cant get other people working.
  • GET L.
    If you rely on mobile coms so much then get a second sim from a different operator as back up FFS I bet the ones bitching for compo would also bitch if they said ok and you can go on a business tarrif. Nothing is infalable, this happens - having see first hand having worked for 3 of the 5 networks over the last 16 years your f^cking lucky this doenst happen more often - the sh^t the poor network guys deal with day in day out so you to post garbage on social networking sites and such classic as whats for tea - I am talking having guns knifes smck heads with needles threatening them consider this when you cant post im having a sh^t on facebook. The only guaranteed telephone service "was" those little old red boxes you used to see scattered about. remember that next time you cant use your shiny toy to make a call.
  • Nicky Q.
    Back on now in Devon
  • Joe J.
    Well the reply above kind of says it all really dosent it? Vodafones attitude summed from one of their employees with the intelligence of cut grass which would make him gifted in Vodas eyes. We should pay for the service but then when it dosent work, well tough, think yourself lucky. Honestly where do they find people like you (I notice you chose not to use your real name BTW) For what its worth GET A LIFE i run a small business and without my mobile I have no business. This, on top of previous issues with Voda, means they have now lost my business.
  • charlie o.
    I saw T Mobile staff fleeing the scene ...
  • akiss
    my phone rings once, then dies, i can ring a landline number but the same number cant ring me, cant ring any mobile number or receive a call from one, texts seem to be working. my partners phone (even though both sims are identical apart from one number) hers works fine, cow.
  • Christian E.
    Ok so all of you get free calls unltd texts and data.. HMMM ok so 3.2 million customers call Vodafone on an 0845 (customer service) at 35p amin once the network is back up, so you will be waiting a good half hour to complain, and a good 5 mins explaining whats happend .35px35minsxnot all will call lets say 500000 customers complain... Its funny that this figure is around the ammount of redendency they have to pay out when they fully close there call centre in adderbury which staffs around 500+ agents.... Please explain how this is just coincedece....
  • feldwick
    Exactly the same problems as akiss, at 17.00. In Somerset. Actually relieved it's a general fault, and apparently due to a break in at Vodafone in Basingstoke last night. Hoping they fix it soon.
  • Karen H.
    Have been trying OH's personal VF mobile on and off all day, still keep getting 'Error in connection'. Confirmed that mobile-to-mobile calls are not working, as someone has just tried to call me and got the above, then when I tried to call her back also got 'Error in connection'. She managed to call me on her landline, so landline-to-mobile works, just haven't tried mobile-to-landline yet.
  • Trevor
    Not just Vodaphone users, many users in somerset can all land lines and text each other but cant call each other, causing havoc with my work (driving instructor)
  • akiss
    Vodafone are saying the problem is in the "m4 corridor". Im ~slightly~ out of that area..............Cornwall!!! FFS
  • Lucy S.
    Im down in devon and i lost my signal at 1am and it only came back at 3pm. I wasnt happy at all, i changed to Vodafone from O2 after they said i would get best coverage in my area - that was total bull, wish i had stayed with O2, had nothing but problems with Vodafone!
  • Joe l.
    osted by Joe Johnson | February 28th, 2011 at 2:10 pm Well the reply above kind of says it all really dosent it? Vodafones attitude summed from one of their employees with the intelligence of cut grass which would make him gifted in Vodas eyes. We should pay for the service but then when it dosent work, well tough, think yourself lucky. Honestly where do they find people like you (I notice you chose not to use your real name BTW) For what its worth GET A LIFE i run a small business and without my mobile I have no business. This, on top of previous issues with Voda, means they have now lost my business. like i give a shit d^chead I dont work for vodafone if your stupid enough to rely on 1 method of coms and one provider then your tarmac /uPVC window firm deserves to fold you gypo.
  • debi b.
    if vodaphones attitude is to go back to `old skool` telephones - maybe its time i switched to another provider theres plenty of them!!!!
  • ali b.
    i am in the dg13 area of scotland and have been without a service since thursday. i need the phone for my business so i guess i`ll be changing back to O2. it`s a lot nicer to deal with O2 anyway.
  • Toni
    We have had no signal here since LAST THURSDAY! grrrrrrrr, what a pain. Even worse is the lack of information for their customers. I am not calling an expensive robotic message that will make me wait for ages and then basically tell me nothing of any use. Why is their nothing on the news/internet to keep us informed? Seriously considering changing network as we feel they have treated us so badly with this. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  • Nitin
    I have internet problem today customer care told me that working on gprs so server down.Is this true?From India .I have one month package but 3 or 4 day network problem and today totally stop services now i think change my internet service.
  • posted d.
    Hi out there is anyone having vodaphone probs mines been off since about 5.30 friday 6th may network just keeps saying searching
  • Kenna
    Hey. I've had no signal for about 4 days now. I live in Wiltshire. I need my phone as I am a Young Carer so it's an essential daily item. I really need to know what's going on... There's nothing on Vodafone's website as far as I know, and it's really starting to worry me. My Mum and Dad are on the same network; Dad has the same phone as me - a Samsung Tocco lite - and Mum has an LG Cookie (I think). They both have signal. Does anyone have more information that they could give me? Thanks.
  • Sean
    hey according to the display im getting signal but im not getting txt messages or able to send them . It takes bout 30 mins to get/send them if anyone knows how help this plz tell me cheers
  • Joe H.
    Hello, Vodafone's network is in tatters and they're lying to us when we call them on 191 !! Only way to resolve issue is to leave Vodafone and join an Operator who actually cares about their customers. My family have 4 IPhones and 4 Vodafone monthly contracts between us !! We are all experiencing the same problems !! Text messages being delayed by more than 24 hours, (many not even being delivered !!) can 't make or receive calls (goes straight to voicemail). Pathetic really, especially the lies and Vodafone pretending that there is no problem !!
  • carol
    i would like to know when the problem is going to be resolved as i am a carer and depend on my people i am on call all day every day .When i got intouch with phones for you they said it would be 48 hours this is my third phone as i care for 2
  • musa
    i even phoned them thinking my handset had a problem, they suggest i send it for repairs, evil people
  • Samantha F.
    We have now had no network for three weeks and Vodafone tell me they have no idea when the network will be working they have said that at l;east for another week or more there will be no network, my daughter is 9 months pregnant and is now trapped in the house and should she go in to labour she would be unable to get hold of her fiancée, my husband and i run our business on our mobiles but as pay as you go customers, Vodafone have made it abundantly clear that we are second class customers so irrelevant, they can give no indication as to when all the local masts will be reinstated and instead all they do is either laugh at you as apparently the ongoing network failure is very funny !!!, be rude or put the phone down, this is some of the most appalling customer service i have ever come across and we are so disgusted we will be taking the advice of he customer service manager who informed me it doesn't really matter if my daughter cant contact her finance's if she goes in to labour or my husband and i cant run our business if we don't like it we should leave, so yes we are leaving and good riddance to the bad rubbish that is vodaphone
  • Lyn H.
    I live in Tadley in Hampshire and myself and thousands of others in the area have been unable to use your network for over a week now. What is going on? Many people have been in touch with you and are getting no satisfactory answers. If you wish everyone to leave Vodafone and join another company, you are going the right way about it. What is the point of having a phone and getting no reception. You are going to lose a lot of customers, if you don't get this situation fixed quickly and stop fobbing people off with loads of excuses and lies. Please get this sorted, we are all pulling our hair out. I would appreciate some reply, please. Lyn Howard.
  • danicali
    obviously this problem has not been resolved I am absolutely beyond livid after having been made to switch networks from ASDA to elsewhere. I chose Vodaphone because it's the only network that is supposed to have decent reception in my area. It is 2 weeks now and neither my temporary number or my old number are working, dead phone. I have spent £40 so far on phone calls to them trying to sort it out always lied to always told it will work next day never does also they suggested my phone was broken, evil scumbags nothing is wrong with my phone its vodaphone - whatever the issue is STOP LYING to your customers and get it effing sorted you have no idea how you hurt people when you cut them off I have no landline nobody can get hold of me, this is just criminal and disgraceful
  • maurice w.
    I switched to Vodafone december 2013. The service has been great untill 2 weeks ago and now its crap, i keep getting fobbed off with doing a hard boot as they call it, sounds like a clog to me. Sad to say each time i phone its a different nationality and they cant comprehend how an English person might be feeling trying to express themselves. Strikes me Vodafone are about to sell out to some other outfit with the best bid,whatch this matter and keep sending emails in.
  • Derek D.
    After 15yrs +of very satisfactory service now TWO WEEKS ( plus ) of " no network coverage " from VODAPHONE @GT. AYTON N.YORKS. Found contacted employees evasive, untruthful ( about "getting back to me " ) and no indication whatsoever about the real truth of the fault.Know of many others in same area , same boat experiencing varying "tales " from vodaphone staff /engineers. Do not like companies of this calibre , wife and self saying bye-bye when our credit expires on our PAYGs. 29/09/2014

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