Raspberry Pi smart glasses translates spoken foreign languages in real time

Ever wished you could press 888 at someone when they're talking at you in a language you don't understand? Well, you can. A chap called Will Powell has gone and built some smartglasses that will subtitle people, translating them as they speak. Using 3D glasses, some microphones, a smart phone and two Raspberry Pi mini-computers, Powell made an automatic translation system.

Powell said: "I can have a conversation with Elizabeth who speaks Spanish to me and I return with English. I have never learnt Spanish but using the glasses I can have a full conversation," adding that the specs are "completely transparent, so it looks like they are in your normal field of vision."

If you want to reproduce Powell's project you can order as many Pis as you want now, and they're only £25 each.


  • Martin
    What does "press 888" mean?
  • Ant
    Haha, 888 was the page you used to go to for subtitles using Teletext or Ceefax (which will mean even less to you if you're not from the UK!)
  • Peter A.
    This would be very handy for talking to attractive foreigners, unlike the feckers in the video.
  • Dec
    yeah Martin you spaz
  • Martin
    Thanks. I wasn't rich enough to have a TV with teletext :(. But now I have a frickin computer and could probably even save up enough to build subtitle glasses! Life's great. Now why doesn't someone invent a real versions of the "x-ray" glasses you could get with 200 packs of bazooka joe?
  • Brad
    Speak Spanish!? When's the version that see's though women's clothes coming out more importantly?
  • zeddy
    I'd be drinking too, mate........hard!
  • Jolyon B.
    the specs are “completely transparent" ..... they may be transparent but they look more like a mix of welders glasses and the thingymebobs optometrists use when checking out lenses on you eyes or was he just trying to look at her tits without being caught?
  • Doley S.
    This would be handy every time I go to Scotland or Liverpool or Newcastle. Or if I'm watching some football and they decide to use the most incoherent folk they can find - you know who you are Carragher, Waddle, Strachan et al.
  • Boring B.
    If she is speaking Spanish, why would you reply in English?
  • DragonChris
    @ Boring Boy - Because she has an iPad too which I presume translates his English into Spanish for her. One side shows Spanish, the other English.
  • DragonChris
    Hence why they need 2 Pi's, for both conversions.

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