QR Code scam - zero people to be harmed by it

11 December 2012

Cybercrooks are usually pretty cutting edge when it comes to prising your hard-earneds out of your pocket. However, one of the latest scams is unlikely to affect anyone because it involves QR codes.

Ne'er-do-wells are putting stickers up which feature URLs embedded in QR codes in the hope of directing whoever still uses QR codes toward dodgy websites.

The nice thing about QR codes is that you can print a load of stickers off and just place them over codes you (don't) see in the wild.

Warren Sealey, director enterprise learning and knowledge management, Symantec Hosted Services said: "We've seen criminals using bad QR codes in busy places putting them on stickers and putting them over genuine ones in airports and city centres."

Sian John, UK security strategist at Symantec, said: “There has been an explosion in the number of QR codes over the last couple of years, and cybercriminals are taking full advantage. Because QR codes just look like pictures it’s extremely difficult to tell if they’re genuine or malicious, making it easy to dupe passers-by into scanning codes that may lead to an infected site, or perhaps a phishing site.

"If users want to make sure that their mobile is protected they should consider a QR reader that can check a website’s reputation before visiting it,” she added.

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