PS3 imports banned, get yours today!

1 March 2011

Bitterwallet - PS3Customs officers have been told to seize all shipments of Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles following a patent row between the company and LG. Uh-oh!

LG, who have been quarrelling with Sony for some time now, have won a ten-day import ban on PS3s from the civil court of justice in the Hague surrounding a dispute over the playback facility for Blu-Ray discs.

Tens of thousands of the consoles have already been seized by customs and the ban looks like it will be extended which, naturally, will affect the stock available to our shops. It'll take around a month before we start noticing, so if you're thinking of buying a PS3, you might want to look sharp.

The row, focusing on a number of patents, could well stretch to the US too as LG really go for the jugular. The BBC report that LG are stacking the stakes high. Solicitor Michael Coyle says: "It will have to pay an astonishing amount of money if a judge rules that its patent is invalid. When a firm seeks to have goods seized they make an undertaking to pay for storage and compensation."

If Sony win this case, this could be incredibly costly for LG indeed, who seem to be getting revenge after Sony made similar claims against them concerning mobile phone technology.


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  • Richard
    So... this story has already been covered y dealspawn who incidentally did a much better job of it
  • Kevin
    Surely if you've not got one already you're not really that bothered by this news. It's been out for years.
  • Bright
    I cannot believe this wonder what sony will do?

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