Product Recall: Panasonic e-bike battery

10 August 2015

There's a product recall on a Panasonic battery and, yes, it is a battery that could set on fire, not unlike the EE Power Bar which has been causing all manner of problems lately.

Here's a photo of the battery in question, which is the Panasonic 'NKY442B2' (48V / 412Wh), which comes complete with e-bikes.

battery recall The recall says that the "affected battery may overheat or spark, which can generate smoke and flames."

Only a limited number of Panasonic NKY442B2 batteries are affected, and they're very easy to spot. The problem batteries are easily identified as they have a serial number starting with RA16 and RA17. The serial number is affixed to the underside of the battery.

These batteries, with the serial number RA16 and RA17, must be exchanged immediately.

"If an affected battery (RA16 or RA17) is identified by an end customer, it must be removed from the bike immediately. This battery must not be used or recharged until it is exchanged. If you have any personal questions regarding this product recall process, please contact us by phone using the hotline: +49 30 920 360 110"

If you have such a battery, then click here and fill the form in.

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