Private details of millions posted online after Sony hack

6 June 2011


The trundling tale of the Sony hack continues (as an aside, you can now get your free games for the PS3 if you look in the What's New section on your console) and now it has been revealed that the names, birth dates, addresses, emails, phone numbers and passwords of people who have entered competitions promoted by Sony are all now published online.

LulzSec decided to undertake the hack to prove how vulnerable Sony were to "simple attacks", and then they promptly went about pilfering all the data from Sony Pictures, the company's entertainment distribution wing.

In a message on Twitter, the group said: "1,000,000+ unencrypted users, unencrypted admin accounts, government and military passwords saved in plaintext. #PSN compromised. @Sony."

There's a longer statement too, at PasteBin which says: "Greetings folks. We're LulzSec, and welcome to Sownage. Enclosed you will find various collections of data stolen from internal Sony networks and websites, all of which we accessed easily and without the need for outside support or money.

"We recently broke into and compromised over 1,000,000 users' personal information, including passwords, email addresses, home addresses, dates of birth, and all Sony opt-in data associated with their accounts.

"Among other things, we also compromised all admin details of Sony Pictures (including passwords) along with 75,000 "music codes" and 3.5 million "music coupons"."

So why did they do it? Was it to get all PSP and PS3 owners some free games? If so, thank you sincerely. Alas, their aims were not so.

"Our goal here is not to come across as master hackers [ ... but] Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these simple attacks?" adding that Sony's security systems were "disgraceful and insecure: they were asking for it".

These attacks come at a tricky time for Sony, but, at least LA Noire has been released, which is distracting everyone from all this.


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  • Idi A.
    Actually, I don't care.
  • Sawyer
    For what it's worth, I started downloading my free games yesterday. 22 hours later and one of them is 55% complete. Might be able to play them all by the end of the week.
  • Brandon H.
    Just so you know, when you make your claim on the games, do not exit the store until both are downloading. Otherwise you have to go through something like whats shown below to find the link again. Also note that if you start downloading a game, even if you cancel it that game is officially one of your choices. account management> transaction management > service list > psn promotions

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