12 December 2013

Forget guns, there’s soon going to be a 3D printer that can print out…PIZZA! The device, invented by Natural Machines of Barcelona, builds up layers of ingredients which you can ‘design’ using the control panel. It does pizza, pasta, and even cakes.


The ‘Foodini’ (see what they did, there?) goes on sale in the middle of next year and costs £835. The fresh ingredients come in capsules, like edible printer ink, and are sold separately.

But although it sounds really exciting and modern, printing out your food could be as time consuming as measuring out ingredients and preparing it yourself. And there’s one - fairly major – drawback. It doesn’t actually COOK it.

‘Foodini does not automate all your cooking, nor does it cook food. If necessary, it can keep food warm as it works as it contains a heating element.’ Said a spokesman for the company.

So instead of faffing around with capsules and a machine that costs the best part of a month’s wages, you could just go to the shops, get a frozen Dr Oetker for £2.99 and put it in the oven.

Yeah, let’s do that, instead.

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  • jokester2
    In what way is this considered a 'printer' ???
  • the d.
    Star Trek the beginnings! "tea, earl gray hot"
  • klingelton
    a replicator it isn't, a step in the right direction though.
  • Dick
    So it's like whipped cream in a can? The stuff people just shoot straight into their mouths as it is quicker and creates less washing up.
  • Marky M.
    This was on BBC Click a couple of weeks back. It's a squeezy bottle on the end of an armature. The manufacturers tried "printing" some ravioli. The process was rubbish, took forever, and the end result didn't even look like ravioli. Imagine if an Etch-A-Sketch could dispense unidentifiable goo, and you'll have an idea of what a huge advance for humanity this is.

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