Price slashed on Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play to Not Quite As Expensive levels

5 August 2011

sony xperia play playstation phoneRetailers are cutting the price of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play handset by half. Presumably because no-one is buying it because it's too expensive.

And so, Expansys have reduced the price of the handset from £499 to £289, while Play and Amazon are flogging it for £299.

Still too expensive? Either way, its a big leap to the £500 price that the Carphone Warehouse are selling it for.

And for your money, you still get a 1GHz processor and Adreno GPU graphics processor which means you can play games and browse without eating up all your battery in seconds.

The whole thing slides out to reveal a digital D-pad, two analogue touch-pads, two shoulder buttons and the famous four Playstation circle/cross/square/triangle buttons running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and coming with Playstation certification, which brings you content via the Playstation Suite

However, the device isn't wholly integrated with the PS3, which has been something of a bugbear for many users. Now that the price has dropped, will consumers be willing to cut it more slack?


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  • The B.
    It's got to be better than my HTC Desire which at 15 months old is now starting to fail at every level.
  • Fred
    No, because the Playstation Vita comes out next year...
  • JJ
    The PS Vita isnt a phone, fool!
  • Price A.
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  • Sawyer
    Does this still not play PlayStation games? Last time I checked there were 5 mediocre ones, when there's not obvious reason why they can't just port all the PSone classics across.
  • Wallabee

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