Premier Inn: now with free WiFi

PremierInn It is the year 2015, and Premier Inn have finally realised that they can give their WiFi out to everyone for free! While it stands to reason that they should've been doing this ages ago, this is good news because it might well put pressure on other hotel chains to do the same.

So what do Premier Inn have to say?

"You've told us you love having WiFi when you stay but that you don’t like paying. Well, we’ve listened to you and now you can check your emails, search the web and update your Facebook status without paying a penny. WiFi is now totally free throughout your stay."

Basically, when you get to your room, you look for 'Premier Inn Free Wi-Fi' in the list of available networks, and you're away.

That's a basic connection though. If you want to stream films or download large files, then you'll have to upgrade to 'Ultimate Wi-Fi', which is 8 times faster than the freebie, and will cost you £5 for 24 hours. That'll be found under 'Premier Inn Ultimate Wi-Fi'.

There we have it - if you're wanting to muck around on Twitter while sat in your hotel, knock yourself out. If you want to download dirty videos, it'll cost you.

If, for some reason, this article didn't provide enough information for you, then click here to see Premier Inn blathering on.

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  • soapy
    Most free wifi in the likes of Hotels and such I've found to be absolutely useless so I don't understand why it's a benefit really. The annoying thing is you don't know if it's of any use until you actually get there. There should be a average acceptable speed limit before businesses can advertise "free wifi". More often than not 3G is faster and more reliable and most people have beefy data limits nowadays. Suppose it's more of a draw for foreign visitors as something is better than nothing for them.

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