Pound shops - coming to an internet near you

one-pound-coin Do you like pound shops? Good news then! They've appeared online, so you don't even have to get off your arse and scrabble among the shelves.

This week, one of the people behind the forming of the Poundland chain, has launched Poundshop.com where you can snag loads of items for, you guessed it, a pound. Poundland will be supplying the site's stock, but be warned, there are delivery costs and a minimum spend requirement.

Still. Stuff for a pound!

Site founder, Steve Smith says: "I don't think the minimum spend will put people off. People will use this as an opportunity to stock up without having to drag all their items home." There's talk of a free click-and-collect service in the future too.

There are other pound shops online too.

There's a pound shop section at approvedfood/pound_shop and there's poundpanda.co.uk too. Over at hereforapound.com, there's no minimum spend either.

So there you go! Bargains ahoy!

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  • Teddy E.
    They all charge for delivery - at least £3.50 - so effectively they're not Pound shops.

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